Aapke Aa Jane Se 19 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Aapke Aa Jane Se 19th January 2018 Written Update, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Written Episode

Today’s (19.01.2018) Aapke Aa Jane Se episode starts with Vedika tells Sahil that he cannot stay with them on rent. Her mother says he has given us three months rent and deposit. She gives Karan deposit back.

Sahil does drama in front of Vedika’s mum that he is simple and poor guy who has no where to go, her mother says, let him stay, Vedika says he is not poor, poor guys don’t go to hoetl to see girls, Sahil lies that he has a beautiful wife already and isn’t a bachelor. He tells Vedika he went to meet the girl for his brother.

 Badi maa yells at Anjana (Sahil’s mother) why she is cooking Sahil’s favorite food. Anjana says he must have been hungry all night. Badi maa tells Sahil’s mother that Sahil cannot come back home until he says sorry and is ready to marry.

Sahil shows them a photo proposing Nidhi. Vedika says he is the son of Agarwal jewelers. Sahil says his mother is an angry lady, they had an argument so he left home. Nidhi is at her parents; and was ready to call her for a proof. Vaidika holds his hand and tells him to bring his wife here, else it’s a no. Nani takes Vedika to kitchen.
Deepak asks Bari Amma why she has gathered them all here.

Badi Maa says she understands Sahil well and feels someone in the house must be helping him. She has now decided to cut their pocket money to half now; as they have been sensibly helping Sahil outside the house. Now, they won’t be able to give him anything. Everyone take their envelopes of pocket money. Anjana says she might not be able to run the house in half of money. Bari Amma tells her to use the money she hides in box of biscuit. She allowed anyone in the house may further ruin Sahil by helping him but clarifies to the family that whoever helps Sahil will have no connection with the family anymore.

In the kitchen, Vaidika and Nani argued about keeping Sahil at home or not. Sahil comes to ask their permission for using the washroom. Nani allows him with a smile. Sunil comes to the house then.

Deepak and Gauri were doing yoga together. He was furious over Bari Amma and says Pandit told them to conduct a pooja for son as well. Gauri says they can keep the pooja next month. Deepak asks why not six months, she will get an excuse for not bearing a son. Gauri asks why he hates daughters so much, they have left their daughter Riya to her grandparents for the last two years already. Deepak complains that they had married him to a divorcee who isn’t able to give him a son as well. He warns to leave her if his wish isn’t fulfilled.

Vedika brings Sunil 50 thousand worth installment of the house. Sunil has an argument with Nani and warns to sale the house if his money isn’t paid. Vaidika calms both down and asks Sunil to keep his voice lower, conscious of Sahil’s presence. Sahil heard the argument from washroom. Later, he watches Vaidika call Aarya and decides to know this lady more closely.

In the evening, Sahil stood in the yard when Vedika returns his money and says he must come with his wife if he needs the room. Panday bribes some boys to ring the bell of Vedika’s house to tease her. Vaidika opens the door and tells Nani these are a few spare men who are good to nothing. Panday now rings the bell himself, he taunts if she had to keep her as a tenant why reject his cousin? He gathers a few men from neighborhood as well. Vaidika counters he shouldn’t be concerned with whatever happens in her house. Sahil was furious over Vedika’s disgrace. He comes between Vedika and Panday and asks if any problem?


Sahil beats Panday as he misbehaves with Vedika . He turns to leave with his bags, but Vedika hands him the keys of her room. Sahil’s family will come to know about his affair with Vedika and everyone would be furious.


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