Behad Written Episode 24 January 2017 Beyhadh Written Update

Sony TV Behad Written Update 24.01.2017 WU Beyhadh Written Episode

Beyhadh serial episode (24th January 2017) starts with Maya asks Arjun to promise that no one will come between them. Arjun shakes hands with Maya. Maya says that marriage is very important to her and it is a bond of 7 lives. Arjun tells Maya that she is much more crazier in love than he is.

Saanjh hears everything and gets concerned.  Next day, Maya leaves for office telling her mother that she is getting late. However, Jhanvi is not there. Maya calls Jhanvi but Jhanvi does not take her call. Maya angrily asks Ashwin not to dare do anything to Jhanvi or else she will not spare him. Maya calls Arjun as she is very worried but he too does not take her call. Maya calls Vandana to ask about Arjun and she says that he is busy in his shoot.

Maya goes to the studio and tells Arjun that she is worried for Jhanvi as she is nowhere to be seen. An employee informs Maya that Jhanvi is in the conference room. Maya goes there and Ashwin tells Maya that Jhanvi is safe with him. Maya angrily asks Jhanvi where she went away without informing her. Jhanvi says that she had gone to the lawyer as she wants her 49% share in her company. Jhanvi says that she wants to concentrate on running the firm as she is a partner.

Jhanvi say that she wants Maye to focus on her marriage rather spending so much time in her company. Maya tells Jhanvi that she does not know how to run the company. Jhanvi says that Ashwin will teach her as he too started out by being a photographer in the firm. Maya gets shocked hearing this and says that she will resign from the company. Maya gives Jhanvi the resignation letter saying that she is no longer the owner of 51% share in the company as Arjun is the new shareholder in her place. Maya announces that Arjun is now the MD of the company and she is only his wife. Ashwin and Jhanvi are shocked hearing this.

Jhanvi tells Maya that she is not even married to Arjun yet. Maya emotionally blackmails Jhanvi to sign the papers. Jhanvi signs the papers and Maya insists Arjun to accept new responsibility although he refuses. Maya hugs Jhanvi and thanks her for signing the papers. Arjun takes the papers and leaves and Saanjh also leaves with him. Vandana is doing preparation and Suman comes there and offers to help. Suman says that they have also moved on since Saanjh has moved on Ashwin asks Saanjh to make the documents properly. Arjun tells Maya that he does not want people to think that he married her for money. Arjun says that he is not ready to accept the firm. Maya tells Arjun that she wants her company to be safe if Ashwin does something to her and her mother. Saanjh finds Maya’s medical file and sees that her medical insures has been rejected three times. Saanjh thinks that she has to find out about Maya’s mystery.

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