Bepanah 21 September 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors Bepanah 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (21.09.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Zoya gets teary eyes as she reads Aditya’s love confession in the letter. The letter flies out of the window and lands on Arshad’a Car as he comes with Baraat.

Aditya comes to meet Zoya. She is happy to see him, Aditya tells her i cannot see you with anyone else, he says that i don’t want to trouble you more, so i have decided to leave, but i wanted to says good bye before i leave. he says i know i don;t want to hurt you if you know this from someone less, today i cannot hurt you. He says i swear you are looking very good, after this may be we will not meet, but when ever you remember me, always know that i will think of your happiness. He says i am glad i came to meet you and now let me fulfill my duty as her friend, he tells her to stop looking at him, else he will find it difficult to hold on his feelings for her, he tells her let me take you for your weddings, she holds his hand as he tells her i will drop you till your Nikaah. Zoya is in tears. She says if you are in so much pain, why have you come here, why did you come today, he says i wouldn’t have come, i would be in more pain, i have come for you, as today you need your friend, he says my love is my problem and i cannot let it be a problem for my friendship, our friendship would have failed, i would have been guilty all my life, he says don’t cry, your are a bride, you should have tears of happiness, he says now come, else if i stay with you any loner, then i will fail, i won’t let you marry, please have some regard for me, come let me drop you.

Achha Chalta Hoon dua hoon plays as he walks Zoya out of the room for marriage. Zoya is happy recollecting their moments together. Aditya is in tears too. Zoya’s duppatta gets stuck, he gets close to her to help her, They touch each others forhead as they are still emotional.

Anjana prays to God that she has been a bad person, but whatever she did, she did for her son, she prays that Zoya marries Arshad so that Aditya is able to move on from Zoya’s madness. She is unable to light God’s Diya and feels it to be a bad Omen. Arhad’s mum is worried that Zoya has not come yet, she thinks what of Zoya has left wedding just like engagement for Aditya’s sake, Zoya’s mum says i have seen that Zoya is getting ready, Noor goes to get Zoya, she is shocked to see her coming down stairs with Aditya. Wasim is upset to see Zoya with Aditya, Arshad and his parents are shocked too.

Arshad’s mum says this is too much, Zoya has come for her Nikaah that too with her Aashiq, Wasim says today i will not spare Aditya, his wife says, he will leave from here, please calm down. Zoya’s mum says i feel Aditya has not come for any bad intention.

Aditya tells Zoya that today it is your marriage, i have not got a gift for you, he takes ut his favourite ring and says may be this ring is meant for you and wants to be with you. Arshad tells Aditya to stop.


Aditya makes Zoya sit on her side for the Nikaah. Zoya is in tears as he leaves. Wasim tells Aditya to have some shame and leave right away.

Bepanah upcoming story: BIG drama in Aditya and Zoya marriage

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