Beyhadh 03 May 2017 Written Episode Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 03rd May 2017, Behad Written Episode 03 May 2017

Today’s Beyhadh 03 May 2017 episode starts with Vandana still confused about the message she read on Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) phone, she tries to remember the number but is interrupted by the omnipresent Maya. Maya asks her to stop trying to bother her and try to help her. Maya says she is accustomed to all this physical pain from childhood and now does not care about it. She asks Vandana to take care of her as she too requires the love of a mother and to forgive her. Maya hugs Vandana and asks her to feed her with her own hands today. Vandana agrees.

Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) sees the message that Vandana send her and realises that Maya has probably destroyed her phone. Saanjh decides to go and invite Vandana for her and Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) engagement. Samay readily agrees hoping to meet Maya once again.Maya and Vandana have breakfast and Vandana says there is no salt in the food. Maya get angry and says that salt is not good for health and points toward the portrait of her dead father. She says he went away silently because of high BP. Vandana is taken aback by this explanation and distorted care of Maya. The door bell rings and Maya goes to get it.

Maya is disgusted to see Samay at the door and thinks he came to meet her. She tries to shoo him away but the Maya puppet is more concerned about the whip marks on her hand. Vandana walks in behind and sees Samay and thinks that probably Saanjh send him to get the news about Vandana, she hurries inside again. Samay stands there worrying over it when Saanjh steps in. Saanjh says she is here to meet Vandana to invite her for their engagement. Maya is happy to hear about the engagement part and congratulates them. Saanjh walks in and bumps into an even more stunned Arjun (Kushal Tandon) who asks her why she is here. Maya jumps in with the information and Arjun goes off to call Vandana.

Vandana is busy cutting vegetables in the kitchen when Arjun walks in and tells he about Saanjh. Vandana rudely enacts her role asking him to tell Saanjh to go away as she does not want to meet her. She says she is not bothered if she is getting engaged as she is just a neighbour. Arjun comes out and informs Saanjh, who refuses to believe and says she would if Vandana herself told her this. Saanjh tries to walk in but Maya restrains her by hand. Maya walks into the kitchen and says she had warned Vandana about forcing her to be bad. She says if she does not want to meet Saanjh then she should herself tell Saanjh this, as she hates it if someone called her Arjun a lier.

Vandana walks out to meet Saanjh and says she does not care if she is getting engaged and that she is happy with her son and daughter-in-law. Saanjh-thorougly confused asks for Vandana’s blessings. Vandana goes in to get her blessing and comes out with the garbage bin which she had filled with the vegetable she was cutting earlier. She drops it on Saanjh’s head. Maya mocks that probably throwing garbage is her speciality as she had once did this with Maya. Arjun stops Maya and a shocked Arjun asks Vnadana why she did this. Vnadana signals to Saanjh and says she has only this for a girl who called her just a neighbour. Saanjh takes the clue and collects the garbage even while Samay and Arjun try to stop her.

Saanjh reaches home with the garbage and Samay explains to the family what happened. They too are shocked that Vandana could behave this way. They conclude that probably Maya is influencing her too. Saanjh though decides to find the love hidden in this anger.

Vandana hopes that Saanjh got her message and waits desperately. Saanjh meanwhile examines the garbage under light and sees a word Maya inscribed on the skin of the vegetable peeled off. She starts examining all and gets the inscribed message saying Arjun is trapped by Maya and his life is in danger. She pleads for help.


Maya speaks to someone on phone saying he should get engaged to Saanjh as Vandana sneakily listens. Samay cuts off his ring finger on which he wanted Maya’s ring but has someone else’s.

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