Beyhadh 10 May 2017 Written Episode Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 10th May 2017, Behad 10.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Beyhadh 10 May 2017 episode starts with Maya (Jennifer Winget) reaching back home with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) she is extremely happy that Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is now engaged and out of her way. She hugs Vandana (Swati Singh) and says she helped Saanjh pave her way. Vandana is scared and confused about what Maya is trying to imply. While Arjun too tries to get sense out of Maya. Maya asks Vandana why she is sweating, she switches on the A/C and still sees Vandana sweating. She says probably Vandana has done something wrong she checks Vandana’s phone and says that she put off the alarm she had scheduled in her phone for medicines and she has not taken the medicines that is why she is sweating.She asks Arjun to go get the medicines, a hesitant Arjun relents. As Arjun goes off Maya intimidates Vandana and asks her where she was planning to run, what she had sent to Saanjh through the idol gift. Jahnvi in a bid to protect Vandana presses the buzzer continuously making Maya infuriated. She tapes Kahnvi’s hand to the wheelchair and asks her to stop supporting other rather than her own daughter.

On the other hand Saanjh sees her family happily mingling with Samay(Piyush Sahdev) she wonders how she would tell her family that Samay is a fraud. The family plans to get icecream and Saanjh objects saying she is tired. Samay too stays backs wanting to be with Saanjh. Saanjh confronts him on being with Maya. Saanjh says she would reveal this truth to Arjun and expose them both. Samay closes the door and holds her mouth preventing her from screaming for help.

As Maya continues her terror for Vandana and Jahnvi the doorbell rings. Maya opens Jahnvi’s hands and goes to get the door. She surprised to see Samay. Samay tells Maya that everything is over and he cannot go on with this drama, Saanjh too arrives there. Samay says that this drama is making him what he is not, he says he would want Saanjh to know the truth. He tells Saanjh that he is actually with Maya.


Samay asks Maya to confess before Saanjh, Maya says yes she and Samay are together and what they have between them is very special. All this while Arjun looks on shocked.

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