Beyhadh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 16 May 2017, Behad Written Episode 16th May 2017, Beyhadh 16.05.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Beyhadh 16 May 2017 episode starts with angry Maya (Jennifer Winget) storming into her house as she realizes the CCTV has gone bad. While Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and Vandana (Swati Singh) watch the new found pen drive footage. They see what really happened and realize that Ayaan ( Sumit Bhardwaj) is innocent. Maya walks into the CCTV room and finds the screens gone blank, she screams for Vandana ma. Saanjh hides and Vandana runs Maya who asks her what happened to the cctv. Vandana lies that a rat had come in and it must have destroyed the wires. Arjun (Kushal Tandon) too comes in and asks Maya why she came back without informing him. She says the CCTV went bad and she came because she was worried for Ma.

That night Vandana stays worried for Saanjh as she knows Saanjh has not managed to go out of the house while Maya and Arjun get romantic in their room. Saanjh is hiding just below Maya’s bed. Samay(Piyush Sahdev) is worried about Saanjh and keeps asking Suman about her. Later that night he calls up Maya and tells her that Saanjh is not at home. Maya shouts at him saying Saanjh is his problem not hers. She slams the phone and goes out to see Vandana hovering the house again. Maya asks her to go to sleep and returns back to her room. She gets blurry in her thoughts for the first time. She tries to sort in her head as she organises the courier boy coming, CCTV going bad and then Saanjh going missing. Saanjh manages to call Suman as the family decides to go to police regarding Saanjh. Saanjh tells Suman that she is trapped in Maya’s house though she is safe for the while. Samay hears this conversation.

Next day morning Saanjh finds herself still trapped in the house while Arjun somehow convinces Maya to go to office with him. Samay keeps trying to get to Maya as he wishes to inform her about Saanjh. Finally and angry Maya takes the call but is even more infuriated to know that Saanjh is hiding in her house. She fumes out of the office while now the blurry pictures sort itself out in her head. She gets home while Saanjh emails the proof recording to Arjun, Samay and her dad. As the file gets transferred Maya takes Vandana at gunpoint and threatens Saanjh to come out. Suman calls up Arjun and tells him about Saanjh, Arjun runs to Maya’s cabin and does not find her there. He panics and heads home.

Saanjh gets all the files transferred to the respective emails and then comes out to face a mad Maya. Arjun and Samay both reach the building and run up to stop whatever is about to happen. Maya takes both Saanjh and Vandana at gunpoint and gets ready to shoot Saanjh.


Arjun at the hospital is told by the doctor that the person is critical, he confront God and asks him why this is happening to his life whether it is because he cut off his ties with him.

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