Beyhadh 17 August 2017 Written Episode, Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyahdh 17th August 2017 Written Update, Behad 17 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (17.08.2017) Beyhadh Written Update (Written Episode) starts with Suman tells Arjun that Saanjh is a girl with lots of self respect. She tells Arjun that he has to convince her that he is truly in love with her and then only she will accept his love. Police comes and tells Arjun that they are making sure that Maya stays in the jail forever.

Suman goes to talk to Saanjh and asks her why she is rejecting the love of Arjun. Saanjh says that Arjun was in love with Maya and will always be in love with her. She says that he is just compensating for her help and is giving it a name of love. She tells Suman that this love she had for Arjun in her heart since years, has made her life hell. She says that she is tired of love and doesn’t want it in her life anymore. Saanjh tells Suman that she has to make sure that Maya doesn’t come back in their lives anymore.

Next day in the morning Maya is taken for the hearing and the media asks her various questions regarding her behaviour. Arjun and Saanjh also come and the media asks Arjun questions about Maya. They call Maya by her full name Maya Arjun Sharma and Arjun stops them and asks them not to attach his name with Maya. He says that he has nothing to do with her and she was the biggest mistake of his life.

Pooja Maya’s lawyer from before comes to her before she goes inside the court.  She tells Maya that she is the happiest person to see her alive. She says that she is impressed with her talent to handle Arjun and Saanjh brilliantly. She asks Maya to sign some papers once again and tells her that if she signs these papers she will be her lawyer and will fight this case on her behalf.

When the judge asks Maya about her lawyer, Pooja announces herself. She says that she will be fighting the case on Maya’s behalf. Before the hearing could start Pooja apologizes to Arjun for convicting her in a fake murder case. She says that was the worst person on this earth and is here to apologize to the court for presenting some wrong facts on behalf of Maya. She requests it to the court that Maya should be given the toughest punishment for all the crimes she has done. Maya goes to her in the middle of the court and starts to choke her. Maya says that she will fight her case on her own.

Saanjh starts  to speak and says that the list of crimes which wire has committed is endless. She asks for court’s permission to present some witnesses who will prove that Maya fooled them too.  She brings Maya’s  neighbor, the watchman and Ayaan at last. He tells the court that Maya run him over with a car and also killed his mother by putting her in a box and choking her to death.  Maya tries to defend herself and says that these people could be alliances of Arjun and that is why they are supporting him. Saanjh then brings Maya’s  mother Jhanvi to the court as her witness.

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