Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh Written Update 17 May 2017, Behad 17.05.2017 Written Episode, Beyhadh Written Episode

Today’s Beyhadh 17 May 2017 episode starts with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and Vandana (Swati Singh) still at Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) gunpoint while Maya chooses out of the two whom to kill. Saanjh tells Maya that she has already send the file video to her dad and Samay (Piyush Sahdev). Maya does not seem to be too affected and she says she would take down one of them if she goes down. Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Samay reach the door and break it open. As they enter they see Maya falling down. Arjun runs to her and picks her up. He runs out with her, without not even a look at the two other people in the room. Samay too is shaken but he keeps to him himself as he watches his Maya being taken away. Vandana cries seeing her Arjun so much in love still.

Arjun takes Maya to the hospital while Saanjh takes Vandana home with Samay. Suman is fuming when Saanjh reaches back. Saanjh explains the situation to her family and also tells Samay that she has mailed him and her father videos. She asks him to download and mail them to her as she is now going to the hospital to meet Arjun and tell him the truth. Samay promises himself that he will not let anything happen against Maya.

Arjun comes to know in hospital that Maya is pregnant which further disturbs him. He questions God on why this is happening, as he knows Maya is unstable and will not be able to handle the additional responsibility of a child. He says he does not want the child. Saanjh gets ready and leaves for the hospital while Samay tries to stop her again, but she says she trusts him with the proof. She asks him to send her the same. She walks out and meets her father at the door. She tells him too about the video and asks him to send her the same. Samay listens to them and vows he would not let any proof remain.

Arjun sees a scared and desperate Maya at the hospital. Maya says she is scared of herself and that she is unstable, she asks Arjun to protect her child from herself. She tells Arjun that only he is capable of doing that. She cries her heart out and says she wants to get well for the sake of her child.


Saanjh meets Arjun and Maya and tells them that Ayaan is innocent. She says she has the proof now and now Maya will have to go to jail. Arjun looks on as he remembers Maya’s confession about her illness and her request to him to protect their child.


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