Beyhadh 21 August 2017 Written Episoce, Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh Written Update 21st August 2017, Behad 21 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (21.08.2017) Beyhadh episode starts with

the court sentences Maya to death after Saanjh presents all the evidences which prove that Maya is a threat to the society. The police starts to put handcuffs on her hands and takes her away. But before they could take her Arjun asks them to stop and hugs Maya. He expresses his gratitude towards Maya for giving him freedom but Maya says that he should not be mistaken and should not take her imprisonment as his freedom. Arjun says that this time she is mistaken because he is already divorced. He once again thanks her for giving her signatures on the divorce papers. Maya gets puzzled and asks Arjun when did she sign the divorce papers. Suddenly Maya’s lawyer Pooja comes and tells Maya that the papers she signed were actually the divorce papers. She once again tells Maya that after fighting the case against Arjun, she realised that he was the one who got tricked in this entire game. She says that she deserved it and that is why Arjun doesn’t deserve to be with her.  Before leaving Arjun tells Maya once again that he will start a new life with Saanjh and he wishes that he never sees Maya’s  face ever again in his life. Maya just says that it’s not over yet and leaves.

After Maya leaves Arjun ask Saanjh if she would accept his love now. He says that Maya has gone out of his life forever and he is willing to spend his life with her.  Saanjh asks him once again why he is pretending to be in love with her. Arjun says that he is not compensating Maya’s loss by asking her to be with him. He tries to convince her once again and says that he truly loves her but Saanjh apologizes. She says that she doesn’t want to hurt him and asks Arjun to erase whatever is happening in his mind. She says that they are not meant to be lovers and are good as friends.

When Arjun and Ayaan go home, they look at Vandana’s picture and tell each other that a mother’s place would always be empty in their life. Jhanvi comes and tells them that she would now be their mother. She says that she can’t fill in Vandana’s place but she has all the motherly feelings for him. She asks Arjun to move ahead in his life.  Arjun says that the one he wants to move ahead with, is not willing to be with him.

Meanwhile the police behaves very rudely with Maya and asks her to change into the clothes of a prisoner. They take her mugshots and Maya keeps getting irritated with the police’s behaviour. Maya keeps thinking of a way out of her situation and tells herself that she will not let Arjun go to Saanjh. Saanjh feels that Arjun is doing the same mistake as her. She feels that he is also mistaking his friendship for love. Arjun decides that he will convey his love to Saanjh and will make her realize that he is not just a friend to her.

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