Beyhadh 22 August 2017 Written Episode, Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh Written Update 22 August 2017, Behad 22 August 2017 Written Episode

Beyhadh 22 August 2017 (22.08.2017) episode starts with Maya gets taken to the prison and all of her prison mates start to make fun of her. She decides in her mind that she has to get out of the jail and throw Saanjh out of Arjun’s life once again.

Suman tries to convince Saanjh that she is sad because she is in love with Arjun and she is rejecting his love. Arjun thinks that he would make Saanjh understand that he is not mistaking their friendship for love. He tells himself that he truly is in love with her and he will convince her any how. Ayaan and Jhanvi look at Arjun and feel sad for him.

When Maya gets locked up in jail, she recalls the time when Arjun told her that he has tricked her into divorcing him. Tears fall down her eyes with the thought of Arjun getting married to Saanjh.

Saanjh gets a call from one of the reports and he asks her if there is something going on between her and Arjun.  she clarifies that there is nothing going on between them and theProposal which Arjun maid to her in front of the court was just too agitate Maya. She says that they are just friends and it will always be the same. Arjun climb the pipe to enter Saanjh’s room and overhears her talking. She looks at Arjun’s reflectio but after she puts down the phone, she finds him.going away. Looking at Arjun going back heart broken, Suman feels bad and prays to God for blessing her children with love.

Inside the jail, Maya gets a cell mate. She asked her if she is Maya Sharma and Maya says that she too is free to mock her. Her cell mate is pregnant and starts to feel a little uncomfortable. Maya gives water and asks her to breathe. She says that God must be having a plan because he made thme meet.

Suman gives an idea to Arjun and asks her to groom himself. She asks him to start going to the gym once again and be in good shape. She says that he has to be so attractive that Saanjh should lose her mind after looking at him. Jhanvi tells him that he should do something which Saanjh is fond of.

Maya’s cell mate starts to cry with pain and Maya begs to the police constables to take her to the hospital. The police constable says that she creates a scene every other day and this is very normal for her. On Maya’s  request, they agree to have a look at her. When they take her, she says that she won’t  go anywhere without Maya. She says that Maya has been awake all night to take care of her and she is the only person she has in her life right now. Maya says that this is a very crucial time for her and she needs someone caring to be by her side. The police constable gives Maya the permission to go with her. While the nurses and the police constable take a Asha on a stretcher suddenly Maya trips and falls. The police constable rushes to find a doctor for Maya. Maya uses this opportunity to run away.

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