Beyhadh 23 August Written Update, Behad Written Episode

Sony TV serial Beyhadh 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Full Update, Behad Written Update 23 August 2017

Beyhadh 23.08.2017 episode starts with Maya pretends to be hit on the head and diverts the police constable. When she goes to bring the doctor Maya runs away and decides to meet Arjun to finally separate him from Sanjh. Maya tells herself that even god has decided to be by her side.

Jhanvi and Suman keep asking Arjun to think of something with which he can woo Saanjh and win her heart. Suddenly Arjun gets an idea and he tells everyone that he has something in mind after which Saanjh will not be able to reject his love. He decides to put up a tent on the terrace for them to have a candle light dinner together. Ayaan brings Saanjh and she asks him why he is doing all these things. Arjun tells Saanjh that this is just his way to express his feelings for her. He asks her to give her just one chance to explain why he is in love with her. He shows her all the photographs he has of their wonderful past. He reminds her about each and every moment they spent together which had lots of love filled in them. Arjun shows her the pictures of the time when they went to see an adult film together and Saanjh was dressed as a boy.  He tells her that she felt his life with love since the very beginning and he was not able to realise it.

Meanwhile in the hospital Maya brings chloroform and decides to give it to Asha. She makes an excuse and tells the police constable that she is going to see her friend.  Using the same chloroform Maya and Asha manage to take the doctor and the nurse off of their way. Maya recalls that she asked Asha to be her alliance and help her in running away from the prison. In return she promised to give her all the money she needs to take care of her child throughout his life. Maya also manages to make the police constable unconscious. She then puts her on a stretcher, covers her with a bed sheet and takes her outside the hospital with the help of Asha. When they reach the door the mail police constable asks Maya who is she taking with her. He fails to recognise Maya and Asha because they covered their faces with masks. The police constable asks Maya to take the bed sheet off the patient’s face. He  says that he will only let her go when he will see the face of the patient. When Maya unveils her face, he quickly recognises that she is the female constable. Maya tells the police constable that they need to take the female police constable to the bigger hospital for her treatment. They allow her to go. But when Maya sits in the car she finds the head police officer sitting there, waiting for her. Asha gets Maya arrested one more time and the police officer tells Maya that she wanted to catch her trying to escape the prison.

On the other side of the town Arjun tells song that if she will not accept his love he will end his life. Saanjh gets angry and slaps her. Arjun tells Saanjh that she slapped her because she got scared of losing her love. But Saanjh keeps rejecting the idea of love and says that nothing he feels for her is even close to love. Arun tells Saanjh that she is now free and he would not come after her anymore.

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