Beyhadh 29 August 2017 Written Episode, Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 29th August 2017, Behad 29 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (29.08.2017) Beyhadh episode starts with the inspector finds Maya and lock her up in the same room where she burnt all the incense sticks. Maya keeps begging to her and ask her not to not to punish her. The police inspector locks Maya inside and Maya starts to feel suffocated because of the smoke. Maya keeps asking her permission to call Arjun and says that she needs to talk to him urgently but the police inspector doesn’t listen to her. She tells Maya that all her plans to escape the prison will be in vain till the time she is present. After struggling a lot Maya falls down on the floor and it gets difficult for her to breathe.

Saanjh gets worried that Arjun is missing because of her. She blames herself and tells iron that Arjun would have been fine if she would not have broken his heart that day. Saanjh tells Ayaan that they  will now need to think like Maya. She says that they have to be ahead of what she planned and then only they will be able to find out where Arjun is. Saanjh calls a man and asks for his help in finding the van in which Arjun was kidnapped. Saanjh thinks that she will have to adopt Maya’s way of thinking to find Arjun. The man she called asks Saanjh to come to a garage and says that he knows a man who has the information about all the stolen number plates and cars of the area from which Arjun was kidnapped.

The kidnappers decide to kill Arjun and teach Maya a lesson for canceling the deal without informing them. When they start to search Arjun’s pulse, they realise that he is still alive.  Suddenly they hear the sirens of the police approaching them and decide to run away.

A fellow prisoner of Maya comes to help her and offers her water. Maya tells her that she needs to talk to Arjun urgently because his life is in danger. Her fellow prisoner tells her that there is one more mobile phone present in the prison apart from the one she used. She says that she will take her to Geeta di, one of the prisoner, who has hidden a phone with her without letting anyone know. Maya has stopped trusting anyone so she asks her why she is helping her. She says that she understands how hurtful it must have been for not getting recognised even after making the most number of incense sticks. She says that she was humiliated even after doing the best work and it was not fair. When Maya reaches Geeta di, she starts to mock her. She teases Maya and plays games with her desperacy. She asks Maya what she will give in return of the phone call. She asks Maya to massage her legs and Maya gets ready to do it.

Saanjh reaches the garage and there she finds out that the car which was used to kidnap Arjun was given from this garage. When Saanjh gives the owner of the garage some money he gives her the address of the place where the car is.

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