Beyhadh 31 August 2017 Written Episode, Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 31st August 2017, Behad 31 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (31.08.2017) Beyhadh episode starts with Saanjh realizes that Arjun must be lying in the refrigerator she saw in the garage. She calls the police inspector and asks for his help to get Arjun back from there. The Inspector tells Saanjh that he will co-operate.  Saanjh asks him to come to the address she is giving and says that they should not waste anymore time because Arjun is trapped in a refrigerator.

On the other side with the police inspector goes inside Maya’s cell and finds her lying on the floor. When she checks her she realizes that Maya is having very high fever. She takes her to the hospital and the doctor asks her if she has been torturing her. She tells the doctor that these are Maya’s tantrums and to get rid of her stubborn attitude, they have decided to let her go on hunger strike. The doctor tells the inspector that they can’t torture her otherwise the people from human rights would raise lots of questions. The Inspector realizes her mistake and tells her fellow constable that they have to be lenient with Maya because already two prisoners have died since the day she has taken charge. She can’t risk to let Maya die.  She decides to force feed Maya and Maya keeps on saying that she wants to talk to Arjun. The Inspector brings a tube to feed her juice but Maya keeps nudging everything away.

Saanjh and police inspector reach the garage and open the refrigerator. They find Arjun lying inside but he had turned blue. When Ayaan checks his pulse he feels that he is already dead. The police inspector with Maya decides to call her husband and tells him that she has been creating nuisance. She asks him what the situation is and if he had found Arjun yet. He informs her that Arjun will never be able to meet Maya because he has already died. The police inspector creates a drama and tells her that she is now a widow because Arjun Sharma has died. She tells Maya that she talked to the police inspector who is standing beside the dead body of Arjun.

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