Beyhadh: Saanjh and Samay GRAND Engagement Pictures

Sony TV Behad serial Saanjh (Anervi Vajani) and Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) Engagement Images/Pics, Beyhadh latest Pictures

The drama in Sony TV’s popular serial Beyhadh is getting all the most interesting with more twists in the story each day. Post the high voltage drama in the court room, it’s time to see some emotional atyachaar.

Being in love with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) for a very long time and not getting love in return has finally made Saanjh realize that it is time for her to move on.

In the recent episodes of Behad, we have seen that the entire rape drama of Maya was planned by her with Samay on her side. He was the one who hit her to show that she was subjected to physical abuse, he also went to the extent of getting Ayan’s DNA on Maya’s wounds to prove her innocence. Samay is doing all this because he is blinded by the love he has in his heart for Maya. But Maya, is as heartless as ever. She doesn’t think twice before using Samay for her own selfish motives.

She has asked Samay to increase his closeness with Saanjh so that he can take her away from Arjun. She has even asked him to get married to her. This request goes down very hard on Samay. He wants Maya to return to him but Maya has other plans. Saanjh, on the other side, tries to make Arjun understand that Maya will never stop playing mind games with him.

Finally, we will see that Sanjh’s parents will ask her to find love in Samay and get over Arjun. She makes her parents happy by agreeing to marry Samay. She will get beautifully dressed to get engaged to him. But during the engagement, Samay plays a trick. He gets swept off his feet when he looks at Sanjh looking like a dream but his fake affection has a hitch. He will not let the engagement take place as it should. He will show that his ring finger is injured and hence he has to wear the engagement ring in another finger.

Saanjh suspects that Samay has a hand in helping Maya over time. But will she be the one who gets hurt with this emotional play?

Meanwhile check out the pictures/images of the upcoming grand engagement ceremony of Saanjh and Samay.

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