Beyhadh serial upcoming – Arjun and Maya consummate their marriage

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Fans of Beyhadh serial will soon get to witness for sizzling and hot romantic moments between the lead couple Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Maya (Jennier Winget) who have been recently married amid high voltage drama.

In the ongoing track of the show, we have seen that the newly wedded couple Arjun and Maya’smarried life has been doomed so far with Ashwin’s murder mystery and the couple has not able to spend any good moments together.

Arjun and Maya have been continuously dealing with one problem after another because of Ashwin’s sudden death during the wedding. The latest problem occurs with Jhanvi getting accused of killing Ashwin and Maya is deeply upset by this. Maya is quite sure that her mother is not the culprit and she is very hurt by the accusations against her. It will soon be seen that Arjun and Maya will return home and Maya will be in a very bad mood. Arjun will decide to make Maya’s mood better and will take her to the room.
This is when the romance will begin between the two as Arjun will try to lighten up Maya’s mood and will romance with her. Very soon, Maya too will get into a romantic mood and the husband-wife duo will finally come closer to each other. Viewers will get to see sizzling romance between Arjun      and Maya and finally, the two will consummate their marriage. However, viewers will soon get to see a new twist coming up on the show as Maya will soon start getting a doubt that Arjun is playing a big game with her.
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