Beyhadh Spoilers – Arjun finds about Samay and Maya’s past and..

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In the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh, it will be seen that Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and Vandana’s lives will be in danger as Maya (Jennifer Winget) would kidnap them with an intention to kill them. 

Maya finds out  that Saanjh and Vandana had made a plan to expose her. She decides to teach both of them a lesson for trying to separate her from Arjun. According to latest reports, Vandana would die and this would be end of her character in the show.

Also, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) will find out a big truth about Maya which will bring a storm in his life. Arjun always thought that Maya was completely devoted to him but his belief will shatter when he will see Samay holding Maya’s hand. He will realize there is some connection between Maya and Samay and will decide to find out the truth.

Arjun will be worried for Saanjh knowing that Saanjh is about to marry Samay and he will not be sure whether Samay is the right one for Saanjh. He will start finding details about Samay and Maya’s past and he will find out their love affair in the past.

Arjun will realize that Samay is playing with Saanjh’s feelings as Samay is still in love with Maya. Will Arjun stop Samay and Saanjh marriage? 

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