Beyhadh Written Episode 08 August 2017 Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh 08th August 2017 Written Update, Behad 08 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Beyhadh 08.08.2017 episode starts with Arjun says sorry to Saanjh and takes care of her. He thinks that Saanjh had to go through all of this just because of him. The cops comes to the warehouse from where Arjun called them. They start to call him out and tell him that they have trapped him and he will not be able to escape. When they enter the ware house, they find Rajeev aka Samay lying on the floor, dead. Maya’s chair was empty and Arjun standing there with a knife on his hands. The police asks Arjun to let the knife go. They threaten to kill him but suddenly Maya comes from behind him. She tells the police that Rajiv was intending to kill her and Arjun is the one who saved her life. She tells the police that Rajiv planned to trap Arjun and that is why he escaped. She tells them that he planned everything and created a drama to trap Arjun in Maya’s murder.

He also plays along with Maya and she tells the police that Rajiv was obsessed with her and was trying to get her to marry him. The police asks Maya where Saanjh is and Maya tell them that she did not see Saanjh coming  with Arjun. They search the place but fail to find her. The police inspector asks Maya to come with him to the police station and do some formalities. He apologizes to Arjun and says that he stopped him from doing injustice to him. Maya hugs Arjun and tell him that no one will be able to separate her from him. Arjun tells Maya that till the time Saanjh is here he will not leave. Maya says that he has to be with her to make sure that Saanjh is alive. She says that Saanjh’s life is now connected to her. She warns him and says that if he will not listen to her then Saanjh will die a horrific death. She says that if her men will not get instructions from.her within six hours then they will kill Saanjh.

Suman prepares to welcome Arjun and Saanjh. But when the door bell rings, Arjun stands there with Maya and get shocked to see Maya and get worried with Saanjh’s absence. Suman asks Arjun where Saanjh and Maya tells her that she will not be able to hear her. Suman gets aggressive and Maya warns her that whenever she will try to be over smart, Saanjh will bear the consequences. She tells everyone that till the time Maya is fine, Saanjh is living. To prove her point Maya shows Arjun the video where Saanjh is tied to a chair and is asking Arjun for help. 

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