Beyhadh Written Episode 08 May 2017 Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh Written Update 08th May 2017, Behad 08.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Beyhadh 8 May 2017 written episode starts with where it ended last at Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) engagement party. Saanjh hugs Arjun(Kushal Tandon) and stops him from going away irritating Maya(Jennifer Winget) beyond her usual limits of patience. Arjun hands over Saanjh’s hand to Samay sensing the impatience levels of Maya rising. He also hands over Vandana’s (Swati Singh) gift to Saanjh, Saanjh at once realises that probably Vandana has a hidden message for her somewhere in it. She runs to the bathroom with it. She opens the wrap and checks the entire gift just like Maya did but fails to get anything. She prays to Ganesha to help her with it and suddenly she drops the box and finds the message letter tucked away in the box walls. Vandana has jotted down a quick message that Maya has big plans and she needs Saanjh to take away Maya’s phone for a while so that she gets her chance to search the house for clues.

Vandana on the other hand is laughing away for cameras and enacting a role play to fool Maya as she keeps busy with Jahnvi. Maya keeps looking at her phone and getting more and more sceptical about Vandana happy act and Saanjh being missing. She searches for Saanjh around and reaches her room, she sees the closed washroom and reaches for the door in time to see Saanjh come out. Saanjh leaves after a smart taunt and Maya enters the washroom. She looks around and sees a piece of the gift wrap. 

Saanjh calls up Vandana from one Khanna aunty’s phone as Vanadana had started doubting if her message reached Saanjh. She asks Vandana to start her work after 5mins as she would by then keep Maya busy. Maya comes around and asks Saanjh what she has in mind. Saanjh tells Maya that they should leave the past behind and start their friendship afresh. Arjun watches them and jumps in before its too late trying to take Maya away but Maya wants to take this step and hugs Saanjh.

Vandana wonders where to start her search and then decides to check for the footage in the CCTV rrom. Saanjh keeps Maya busy with their indirect taunts. Samay as usual loses it again as he sees Maya. He purposely drops the fruits and as they four bent to pick them up, he catches hold of Maya’s hands and says he loves her. Maya stands up and asks Saanjh to go on for her ring ceremony with Samay. Saanjh notices Maya’s happiness and wonders why she is so happy for her engagement. The ring ceremony begins as Vandana reaches the CCTV room but as she starts rewinding the footages she realises that only the footage from the day she arrived at Maya’s house exist, nothing beyond that exist.

During the ring ceremony they notice that Samay has hurt his ring finger. Samay explains that he cut it while cooking.  They manage with the other finger and Maya is very excited about this engagement. She congratulates Samay and Saanjh. Maya says that though Vandana is not there to bless Saanjh she would definitely show Saanjh Vandana’s face through the live CCTV footage. As Maya scrolls through her footages on phone Saanjh browses her brain for ways to keep Maya off it. Suddenly she hits jackpot with Maya’s insecurity, and holds Arjun’s hands and asks Maya if she would let Arjun dance with her. Maya forgets her phone and asks Saanjh to dance with Samay. Saanjh is happy her plan is successful and wishes to expose her soon. She aims at picking up Maya’s phone and get some more details.


Saanjh gets a glimpse of the number from which May gets a call and she memorises the last digits. She remember Vandana had mentioned the first few digits she adds up both on her phone and dials to get Samay’s number flashing across her screen. She comes out to see both Maya and Samay on calls.

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