Beyhadh Written Episode 10 August 2017, Behad Written Update

Sony TV serial Beyhadh 10th August 2017 Written Update, Behad 10 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (10.08.2017) Beyhadh episode starts with Maya tells Arjun how she managed to kill Rajiv and once again got the ball in your court. She recalls that she asked Rajiv to bring her the bottle of water which was lying on a table near her. Instead of offering the water to her, Rajiv started to drink the water and Maya used this moment to fall on the floor and pick up a piece of glass lying nearby. Rajiv removed the cloth from her mouth and gave her water. He made her sit up but he didn’t know that she had a piece of glass in her hands with which she was cutting the rope. She tells Arjun that she kept on diverting his mind and was intending to hurt his ego. She tells Arjun that the easiest way to put a man down is by hurting his ego. As she engaged Rajiv in the conversation and his concentration stayed on her words, she untied the rope and stabbed him in the neck.

She tells Arjun that it was very easy to fool him again. While Arjun took care of Saanjh inside the warehouse, she started to yell and say that Rajiv was trying to kill her and if he woulf do so Arjun will not be able to escape the police. As Arjun ran out to help Maya, Maya was there inside with sons taking care of her. She used this time to kidnap Saanjh and make her go away with her men. Then she told Arjun that Saanjh is in her custody and if he will harm her, Saanjh will die. Maya then brought a knife and gave it to Arjun after stabbing Saanjh once again. She wanted the crime scene to look like it was Arjun who killed Rajiv.
She looks at Arjun’s sad face and asks him once again what is wrong with him. In her attempt to console Arjun, she tells him that Saanjh is not very far away from him. She says that she is breathing the same air as him and is close by. Arjun tells her that he is having a stomach ache and Maya decides to take him to the hospital.

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