Beyhadh Written Episode 13 February 2017 Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 13.02.2017 Behad Written Episode 13th February 2017

Today’s Beyhadh serial episode starts with Jhanvi is shattered seeing Ashwin’s dead body. Maya consoles her.

Vandana is shocked. She tells Suman and Saanjh that she told this marriage is very inauspicious and will bring only bad.   Suman consoles her and asks not to repeat it, else people will feel bad.  Constable questions Arjun and asks where was he when murder happened.  Arjun says in mandap. Constable asks if anyone noticed him.  Arjun says everyone present here.  Constable continues his foolish questions.  Arjun finally Ashwin came from outside and fell down in front of mandap.  Constable asks if anyone noticed it.  He says everyone present must have noticed it.  Jhanvi continues panicking.  Arjun asks servant to give her water starts arguing and tells he came to arrest Arjun.  Arjun asks what did he do.  Vandana shouts that she warned Maya not cancel marriage, but did not listen to her.  Maya pleads inspector not to take Arjun and asks Arjun to tell that Arjun did not to anything.  Inspector says he is taking Arjun for investigation.  Maya calls Saanjh for help.  Saanjh says he cannot arrest Arjun without arrest warrant.  He says he did not bring arrest warrant, he is taking Arjun for investigation and takes him to police station.

At police station, inspector misbehaves with Arjun.  Arjun asks on what basis did he detained him.  Inspector asks constable.  Constable says he threatened Ashwin twice that he will kill him if he troubles Maya, once at Maya’s apartment building and once outside his building.  Maya pleads him not to punish her for slapping him and spare Arjun.  He says he can hear slap sound even now and will continue torturing Arjun until he hears it.

Saanjh returns with post mortem report and says according to post mortem report, Ashwin died due to heart attack, so he cannot detain Arjun.  Inspector checks reports and says he cannot detain Arjun for the time as this is initial report, he will wait for final report, orders constable to release Arjun.  Saanjh tells Arjun let us go now.  Maya reminisces Pandit’s words that she will bring bad father to whoever she connects, runs out of police station.  Arjun runs behind her and stops her.


Maya tells Arjun that Ashwin was right, even her shadow is a bad luck, she cannot continue their relationship.  Arjun says fine.

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