Beyhadh Written Episode 14 August 2017 Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh Written Update 14th August 2017, Behad 14 August 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Beyhadh 14.08.2017 episode starts with Arjun knows Maya too well and asks Suman to lie down on the operation bed. He says that Maya will not stop without having a look at him and till the time she is sure that he is undergoing the surgery she will not rest. When Maya peeps through the door she looks at the doctors operating on Suman. She doesn’t get a look of the person and feels that it is Arjun. Ayaan thanks god and hopes that Arjun should find Saanjh within these two hours else Maya will get crazy.  Maya starts to bang the door and tries to get inside but the nurses stop her from entering the operation theatre. She gets anxious and Shubh tries to calm her down. She keeps saying that she needs to be by her side for him to feel better. She refuses to go anywhere and says that she’ll stand outside the door of the operation theatre.

Meanwhile Arjun reaches the Ahimsa marg and knows that Saanjh somewhere nearby. He manages to reach plot no. 108 and starts his search for Saanjh. Arjun then follows the trail which Saanjh gave to him in the video. Suman noticed that she was constantly sneezing and it may be because of the allergy for paints. Arjun reaches the Ganpati workshop and smells the paint which could have been making Saanjh sneeze.

As Maya sticks herself to the door of the operation theatre, she notices that beneath the sheet of the patient, there is a woman whose is lying.  Maya gets angry to know that Arjun has fooled her once again and has gone to search Saanjh. She grabs Ayaan by his neck and tells him that worst will now happen. She rushes inside and tries to strangle Suman. 

Meanwhile Arjun keeps following a man who he thinks is the one who has kept Saanjh in his custody. Once Arjun gets inside the room where Saanjh is kept  he gets into a fight with the men who have kept her as a captive. He manages to untie Saanjh but she runs away from Arjun as soon as she gets free from the ropes. Arjun rushes behind her to catch her. Maya calls is men to instruct them about Saanjh but gets to know that Arjun successfully managed to take her away. Saanjh keeps running away from Arjun and asks him to stay away from her.

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