Bigg Boss 11 10 December 2017 Written Episode, BB 11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 10th December 2017 Written Update, BB11 Written Episode, Big Boss 11 Written Update

Today’s (10.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode starts with Salman laughs at Akash Dadlani by saying how he is nominated with Shilpa Shinde. He laughs at Akash and mocks him. He tells the contestants that he also spends his leisure time by researching scientific articles. He then says that scientifically Arshi Khan and Shilpa will have to battle it out at the Sultani Akhaada. He then asks them to speak about why they are fit to win the show. Shilpa starts the first round and says that she is very patient, she can stay in the house for a longer time. Arshi starts by saying that she has different personalities because of which she can stay in the house.

Shilpa and Arshi’s war of words as Shilpa talks about motherhood. Hina Khan hisses at this for some reason and looks at Shilpa intently. Salman asks Arshi what Shilpa actually did that made Arshi so mad at her. Salman takes Shilpa’s side and then asks the contestants who give very mixed reviews. But Arshi wins the first round. Arshi and Shilpa then put on sumo wrestling costumes to push each other off the pit in the second round. Arshi wins the second round and thereby Sultani Akhada.

The Fukrey Returns team then enters the house to meet the contestants, who are elated to meet them. They decide to ask every contestant a set of questions. They ask Hina why she doesn’t share her coffee with anyone. She says that she shares coffee with anyone that she is close to. They then ask her whom she’ll choose between Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma. She gives a diplomatic answer and refuses to choose one person.

Varun Sharma asks Hiten why Vikas Gupta answers questions directed to him and about Vikas controlling him. Hiten says that he speaks when necessary and Hina interrupts to contradict him. Varun then asks him a kill, marry and hook-up question. Hiten says he’ll marry Arshi, hook-up with Shilpa and kill Hina. Luv is asked if he loves Hina or just likes her. He says that he loves her as a friend and clarifies that she is nothing more than a friend to him. It’s Shilpa’s turn next. She is asked why she forced Arshi to stop talking to Hina. Shilpa says that Arshi is a perpetual liar.

She is then asked to kill, marry or hook up with Hiten, Vikas and Priyank. She decided to marry Hiten, hook up with Vikas and kill Priyank. Her next question is for how long she is going to get humiliated and when will she start giving it back. Shilpa answers the question and Arshi calls her wahiyaat yet again. Vikas joins in next. Varun asks Vikas to choose between Hiten and Arshi and he chooses Hiten very promptly. Just then, Richa Chadda and Manjot Singh make an entry in the house.

Hiten is asked to polish Akash’s feet with shoe polish. Akash walks away but Varun follows him and it suddenly turns into a chase game. Hiten then applies the polish on Akash’s bald head. Shilpa chooses Hina to wear the belt pong so she can hit Hina’s rear with the ball. 

Hina keeps asking her to do it once more. The Fukrey Returns team then leaves the house after greeting the guests. They meet Salman on the stage and shake a leg with him. Salman then asks Akash to leave the house and he asks if he can perform one last time.

Salman then asks contestants to place top 3 contestants’ pictures on the board whom they want to get eliminated. Vikas picls Luv, Priyank and Hina. Arshi picks Shilpa, Puneesh and Luv. Hina chooses Luv, Puneesh and Hiten because he apparently plays as per Vikas’ instructions. Hiten goes next and sarcastically says that Vikas asked him to go. He chooses Luv, Puneesh and Hina. Shilpa picks Luv, Priyank and Hina. Salman adds fuel to the fire by telling Luv that his friend took his name.

Hina tries to justify but Salman shuts her up by saying the question is directed to Luv. Akash picks Vikas, Hiten and Shilpa. Puneesh picks Shilpa, Hiten and Vikas so his competition gets less tougher. Priyank picks Puneesh, Luv and Arshi.

The caller of the week asks Hiten that he actually saved Shilpa while making people believe that he is saving Arshi. Everybody in the house is shocked to find out about this. Hiten justifies by saying that he told the important people about it. Arshi says that he broke her trust and sits there giving him angry stares. She even stops people from laughing. Salman adds more fuel to the fire by saying that if he was Arshi, he wouldn’t have spared Hiten. He even mimics Arshi.

Akash, Luv and Priyank perform a song for Salman. He then asks him if he liked it. Salman mocks Akash by saying that when he will look at himself after coming outside the house, he’ll realise that his shots are not looking so good on camera. He also adds that Hina’s grumpy face is also being captured a lot. He asks her to smile more. Akash tells Salman that he loves him. Salman replies by saying, “I wish I could say the same.”

Salman then announces that Akash is eliminated and says that he wants to see Akash leave the house. Just when contestants get ready, he announces that the voting lines were shut this week. He also adds that Akash and Shilpa are safe. He congratulates them and asks them enjoy their stay in the house.

Hina manipulates Arshi against Hiten and Vikas says that Hina is doing what she is best at doing. Vikas then calls Hina chaalu and she loses her cool. She calls him manner-less and that he can’t call a woman chaalu. Everyone else makes a ‘No not again’ face when they start fighting. He even calls her a vamp and says that she just breaks friendships in the house. Later on, Hina clarifies to Luv by saying that if this was an actual nominations task, she would have never taken his name. Luv says it’s okay and walks away saying that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Hina then tells Priyank that they should have never taken Luv’s name. She also says that she didn’t want to stoop to Vikas’ level. Luv taunts her and sleeps. Puneesh tells Vikas that Hiten is at fault here. Arshi discusses Hiten and Shilpa with Vikas and Puneesh. Arshi is upset that Hiten lied to her and she cuts all ties with him.

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