Bigg Boss 11 19 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 19th December 2017 Written Update, BB11 Written Episode, Big Boss Written Episode

Today’s (19.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 episode starts with Vikas Gupta confronting Arshi Khan. He tells her to stop saying things to Puneesh Sharma about him. Arshi apparently told Puneesh that Vikas doesn’t care about him anymore, now that he is friends with Priyank Sharma again. Arshi counter-confronts Puneesh and the three get into an argument. On the other hand, Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan are in conversation wherein he tells her that he is hurt. Few days back Hina and Priyank were in conversation where they said that Luv has feelings for Hina. This clip was shown to Luv over the weekend. And ever since then Luv has been mad at them. Luv asks Hina to apologises, but she refuses to, and says she doesn’t need to say sorry. Their argument intensifies and Luv tells her that she shouldn’t talk shit about him. Hina tells him that he has a lot of ego and he will be alone in life because of this. Priyank comes in and takes Hina away. She starts crying and tells Priyank that Luv has hurt her this time.

Few minutes later they are in the garden area where Hina apologises to Luv and vice versa. She tells him that she doesn’t want his sorry and doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. She will wish well for him always. Luv walks away and comes inside the house.

Next morning the contestants wake up to the song, Kukkad from Student Of The Year. Arshi and Akash Dadlani are in the bedroom and Arshi wishes him good morning, but he doesn’t respond to her as he has boycotted her. Vikas asks Priyank to hug Luv and let the bygones be bygones. Shilpa and Puneesh Sharma, who are at the dining table think this is Vikas’s new gameplan and that he must have said Priyank to not to lose Luv.

Vikas reads a letter from Bigg Boss which says that since Akash didn’t follow the punishment and hence they won’t get any luxury budget task this week. However, they get another chance to reclaim it through the luxury budget task, BB Poultry Farm. As a part of this task, the garden area has been transformed into a poultry farm while the housemates are the owners of it. Every time an alarm rings, a golden egg will be sent in the nest and it will have a picture of a housemate. This egg denotes the chance at the captaincy for that housemate. The housemate has to protect his/her egg if he/she has to compete for the captaincy as the other housemates can throw the egg in the swimming pool. For the successful completion of this task, there have to be atleast four eggs in the swimming pool, which means those four people will have to let go off their chance to become the captain. Shilpa is the sanchalak of this task.

The first golden egg that is sent has Puneesh’s picture on it. Akash throws Puneesh’s egg in the swimming pool, before he realises what is happening. Puneesh is angry, but he doesn’t show it. Hina asks Akash that why is he so disinterested in the task considering he has been wanting to become the captain for past 12 weeks, but he tells her that he is not interested in living in the house anymore.

Luv apologises to Hina again and after a lot of convincing, she accepts and become friends again. The next egg that is sent has Hina’s picture on it. She sits besides it to protect it and tells them she wants to be the captain this time as last time too she was very close to being one. Priyank and Luv also sit with Hina to protect her egg. Shilpa comes up to them and tells them that she will throw Vikas’s egg.

Vikas tries to take Hina’s egg, but Luv and Priyank stop him. The next alarm rings, and Hina’s egg is not in the swimming pool, which means she is one of the contenders for the captaincy. The next to be sent is Arshi’s. As Hina tries to snatch it from her, Puneesh and Vikas come to save it. Luv and Priyank also join Hina, and they all get into a snatch fight.

It gets dirty, but Priyank manages to snatch the egg from Vikas and puts in the swimming pool. Of course, this doesn’t go down well with Arshi, who lashes out at Priyank and Hina for playing the game dirty. Arshi says that she will make it dirtier.

Hina is kind of upset that Priyank is playing from both sides – theirs and Vikas’.


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