Bigg Boss 11 25th December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 25 December 2017 Written Update, BB11 Written Episode, Big Boss 11 Written Update

Today’s (25.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 episode starts with After competing for two months, the contestants will give in their beat in today’s nomination cum luxury budget task. 

During Akash Dadlani’s chance, Priyank Sharma tries to scare him with a garlic knowing that Akash is allergic to it. Vikas Gupta tries to stop him but Priyank simply tries to scare Akash.

Priyank, Luv, Akash and Vikas’ mother enter the house as padosis while Hina’s boyfriend and Shilpa Shinde’s brother also get a chance to enter the house.

After watching thier loved ones as padosis the contestants could not control their emotions. 

Priyank and Luv have a long discussion about their thied buddy (or ex-buddy) Hina. Priyank tells him to stay with Hina or else she will be left alone in the house.

The contestants face distractions such as sprays being put on them, or having been asked to have fruits, some crack jokes the others shout and bang the dome from the outside.

The contestants, who are seen nagging the person inside the dome were successful in irritating Shilpa as she she snaps, “Chup kar be!”. She loses her focus during the task.

Before the task, Hina is seen plotting all by herself about distracting everyone by giving them an incorrect estimate of the time. 

Housemates wake up to chaar baj gaye par party abhi baaki hai. Puneesh, Shilpa and Akash discuss how Vikas goes into depression after every eviction. They sing a song for him. Vikas tells Priyank they only bitch about him. Shilpa makes fun of housemates for discussing nominations.

Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are safe for the next week, the five remaining contestants will get inside a dome one by one and get out after pressing the buzzer in 42 minutes. But the participants will have to spend exactly 42 minutes inside the dome without any clock or watch. The contestants who are out of the dome will make an effort to distract the one who’s inside.Housemates start plotting and look intimidated with the task. 

Priyank with Luv and Hina distract Puneesh. Hina asks him which was the best moment with Bandagi. Priyank cracks jokes. Luv puts a papaya piece as Puneesh hates it. Puneesh says he tried to not lose his concentration but it is very difficult. Priyank tells Vikas they played it clean. Hina is seen plotting all by herself about distracting everyone by giving them an incorrect estimate of the time. Priyank is the next to enter. Akash farts in the dome. Puneesh, Shilpa, Akash try to distract Priyank. Hina tells Priyank he is exceeding the time. It is Akash’s turn now. Priyank calls him names. Akash is his style starts rapping sitting in the dome. Puneesh and Shilpa count for Akash. Vikas stop them from helping. Priyank scares Akash with garlic (which he is allergic to). Hina says do not trust her as she was also counting for Akash.

Priyank tries to distract Luv calls him zero. Hina lifts Shilpa out of the garden. Housemates spray water to distract him. Hina tells Luv he has exceeded the time. Shilpa enters. She snaps at housemate after they manage to distract her. She losses focus.

Bigg Boss says that none of the contestants was able to sit inside the dome for exact 42 minutes. However, Luv and Priyank become the least performing contestants and get nominated for eviction this week. Puneesh and Akash happy that they are saved from nomination this week.

Housemates are happy after getting a pizza party after on the occasion of Christmas. Contestants cherish the Pizza to fullest. 


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