Bigg Boss 11 29 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 29th December 2017 Written Update, BB 11 Written Episode, Big Boss Written Update

Today’s (29.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 episode starts with contestants wake up to song maine pehne party shoes, party on my mind, Hina and Luv discuss that now they have finally understood the game, they discuss Vikas being master mind, Shilpa Shinde also talks a lot and is playing her game.

Bigg Boss calls Vikas to give a secret task to him and tells him that is he is successful then all of them will get chance for new year party celebrations, Vikas agrees. he gets a phone so that Bigg Boss can give him secret task. Vikas come out and says Hina Khan’s captaincy is finished, he says now Luv, Shilpa and Hina will together make sure all rules are followed in Bigg Boss House.

Vikas gets his first task where he has ensure that Akash will not get nominated for kalkothari punishment, he also has to make sure his won name should not come.

Everyone decides to send Akash to jail, Vikas supports Aakash, Hina tells Shilpa Vikas wants Priyank and Luv to fight, that’s why he is supporting Aakash now, Akash gets ready for jail punishment, Vikas still supports him. Hina says you think Priyank should go, he says Priyank or luv should go. Puneesh tells Akash wnats Priyank to go as he wants Priyank to go to jail as people get good footage in jail. Vikas tells Puneesh not to send Aakash one last time, he says you want to go, you, Hina wonders that Vikas is having insecurity with Akash, how is he supporting Akash. 

He goes to Priyank and tells him you never listen to me, Priyank says spare me. Vikas tells Akash to go and tell everyone that he will change as a person, Akash goes and tells everyone, Luv says, he is saying so as they have decided inside.

Vikas fails in his first task as housemates decide to send Akash to jail. Puneesh says you need a doctor, what were you doing, Vikas says i wanted to give a fair chance to Akash.

Vikas and Puneesh argue when Vikas tells him to clarify to Priyank that he didn’t want priyank to be sent to jail, Punnesh taunts him we will not do anything, Vikas says this means you are trying make us fight, they argue.

Vikas gets a task to make someone cry. He sist with Hina and Luv and tell them to have crying competition, Hina wins the game.

Vikas gets another task to blame someone of stealing things in house. Vikas hides coffee in Akash’s shelf. he tells Luv to get coffee, Luv goes to his cupboard and says its empty, Vikas says it was a full jar, he makes a scene and checks Priyank’s shelf too, he finds his empty too. Vikas pulls the green tea box from Akash’s drawer which has the coffee and pretends that Akash stole his coffee. Akash swears that he didn’t steal the coffee. Vikas is successful in this task as well. Vikas gets the next task in which he has to throws three clothes of another contestant in the pool to win soft drinks for the party.

Vikas talks to Priyank and picks a fight with him for no reason. Priyank and Puneesh say that Vikas fights with them for no reason. Vikas keeps getting loud. Puneesh says that the Vikas Gupta show begins now. Vikas sits on his bed and pretends to cry. The contestants keep making fun of Vikas. Vikas sits on his bed and pretends to cry. Shilpa tells Priyank and Puneesh to check on him. Puneesh says that he is acting and it looks really fake, Vikas Keeps getting emotional and Puneesh doesn’t believe him. Shilpa believes Vikas.

Vikas throws Priyank’s clothes in the pool and says that his anger is satisfied now. Shilpa tells the whole story to Akash. Luv says that Vikas used reverse psychology to send Vikas in the jail and is getting footage in the house. Akash calls out to the contestants from the jail. Puneesh touches Vikas’s feet and asks him to forgive him. Akash praises Vikas’s acting. Puneesh and Akash keep making fun of Vikas. Akash shouts that if Priyank leaves, Vikas will be a flop actor. Bigg Boss announces that this was all a secret task given to Vikas and the house will be getting a party.

Vikas apologizes to Akash and the contestants get ready for the party. Everyone dances in the lawn and they pull Hina out in a night suit and make her dance. Puneesh and Akash say that they are scared to get evicted from the house.

kash says that he feels safe in the Bigg Boss house. He says that there are no enemies and no friends here. He is happy despite not having alcohol and smoking. He says that he wants to live in the house forever. 

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