Mahesh Bhat loses his cool over Mr X

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It’s the way cinema works or perhaps the world works, whenever a new film comes up for release, journalists start trying to dig information related to a film’s story to know if it’s inspired from a Hollywood film or a regional film. They also try to decode the first poster and then draw parallels with other Hollywood projects’ posters and find similarities.

Since the time ‘Mr.X’ trailers have been launched, the first thing several people noticed in the film was its resemblance to Hollywood superhit “Hollow Man” and “Mr India”.

The look of Emraan Hashmi in the film as a superhero with special powers has clear resemblance to Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man from the film.

In fact in one of the scenes shown in the trailer where colored yellow paint is thrown – this is quite similar to a Hollow Man scene where the invisible character is colored in blood.

However, Mahesh Bhatt strongly denied any comparison with Hollow Man. He got annoyed at the insistent questions asked to him about the film.

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