Nargis Fakhri talks SPY, her hollywood movie with Jude Law, Jason Statham, Mellisa

Its very rare when this happens but Nargis Fakhri opted out of the Akshay Kumar starrer, The Shaukeens, for a Hollywood film, Spy. In the recently released trailer she’s there for just 10 seconds, but has caught the eye thanks to a knife fight with the film’s leading lady, Bridesmaids star Mellisa McCarthy. Critics who saw the film at a special screening are impressed by her role in the movie.

She said “I’m lucky to be a part of such a huge film. You don’t land such an opportunity on your debut. Even if I don’t have much screen time I feel special, I won’t drop names but I interacted with a lot of producers, directors and actors there. But in Hollywood, no matter who you are, you have to audition and only if the producer and director agree that you fit in, will they cast you.”

Cut to the knife fight in the kitchen and Nargis admits that despite three days of training and hours practising in front of the mirror, she still hurt herself during the shoot because Melissa hit out when she wasn’t expecting her to. “She even hit me on the head with a frying pan. Luckily, it was light so I ended with a bump and not in the hospital,” she laughs. “It was painful then and funny now.”

Nargis says that she’s funny and caring: “She’d adjust my pants or brush lint off my shirt and I’d have an OMG moment.”And Jude Law? “He’s cool, we talked about India, spirituality and yoga. But my fan moment was when I met 50 Cents. For three days I was speechless, then asked for a photograph,”

Nargis would like to balance both worlds but for now the focus is Bollywood. “I’m in talks for a couple of projects. I hope to play a bad girl here too now that I can wield a knife.If you’re in any trouble, call me,” she signs off with a laugh.

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