Sharddha Kapoor to learn more about Rock – Fan of The Beatles

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Shraddha Kapoor till now has been versatile with the kind of roles she has done in her short movie career. And to understand and portray her character better, she likes to get into the detailing and shades of all her characters. And now for her new film “Rock On 2”, she has already started to prepare for the role by doing what she does best.

She will soon begin training in Rock music to learn more about the genre. She will be doing a Rock music appreciation course to understand the context of the music. She wants to be understood and be able to appreciate music as a rocker.

The young actress will be seen playing the lead girl in the sequel of the hit cult classic Rock On. Shraddha who is a singer herself has been fond of this kind of music. She has grown up listening to The Beatles to name a few bands, however apparently this course will help her understand and appreciate the difference between bands, evolution of rock music over decades and more.

Shraddha feels that the study of various rock bands and their music will help her understand the role in a much better way. We do hope so since the original movie was a classic with a regular rock band story and awesome music.

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