Udta Punjab Review

Udta Punjab Movie Review

Director: Abhishek Chaubey
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh
Rating: 3.5

Udta Punjab Story

The story of “Udta Punjab” is about four characters — a rock star (Shahid Kapoor), a migrant labourer (Alia Bhatt), a doctor (Kareena Kapoor) and a policeman (Diljit Dosanjh). All these four lives have one connection. The characters from different walks of life are fighting the menace of drugs in their own way.

While Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is a fading superstar who needs cocaine for inspiration, Pinky (Alia Bhatt) is a Bihari immigrant who works as farm labour and mistakenly lands up with substance worth a huge sum.

After failing at an attempt to sell the stash, Pinky is captured by local hooligans who supply drugs and also pull her into the addiction.

Sartaj (Diljit) is a cop who works in the narcotics department. His fight against drugs takes off when his younger brother turns out to be an addict which forms as an eye-opener for him.

Preet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is a doctor who is struggling hard to keep her state clean from drugs by spreading awareness and helping addicts at the rehabilitation center.

Udta Punjab Review, Script Analysis, Star Cast Performances

“Udta Punjab” focuses on the artificial highs and the real lows that they face while treading the paths fraught with mortal dangers. The movie has been produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor under their banners Balaji Motion Pictures and Phantom Films and has rich production values.

The audience says the movie is a realistic and emotional journey. It is also high on abusive language.

Director Abhishek Chaubey’s Punjab is completely different from what we have seen in YRF films. The ‘sarso ke khet’ are much scarier now as drugs are being transported through them.

With his third film, Abhishek has pushed the boundaries of commercial cinema with his unique storytelling skills. He unfolds several layers of well crafted characters within the first half of the film.

Shahid breaks all barriers in bringing a drug-induced rockstar to life. Kareena delivers a strong and hard hitting performance with such ease. Although this is Diljit’s first Hindi film, his sincere performance will strike a chord. Alia Bhatt comes out in flying colours with her perfect Bihari accent and a performance that will leave you in tears

Satish Kaushik does a good job as Tayaji even with his little role.

The film starts off well but loses pace in the second half. Some of the plots take a lot of time to unfold, eventually making things look rushed as we reach the climax.

The screenplay could have been much tighter and at an approximate runtime of 2hrs 20 minutes you end up feeling a bit jaded.

The way Abhishek uses Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar’s background music to aid its storytelling is laudable. The song Ikk Kudi sung by Shahid Mallya and composed by Amit Trivedi brings a glimmer of hope in the otherwise dark film.

Final Verdict

Udta Punjab might not be a perfect film, but it is an important film. A story that needed to be brought under a spotlight and no number of leaks or douchy CBFC members can stop that. Watch it in theatres because “Baat aapki ya humari nahi hai, baat hai Punjab ki.”





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