Chandra Nandini 12 May 2017 Written Episode, Chandra Nandini Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 12th May 2017, Chandra Nandini 12.05.2017 Written Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 12 May 2017 written episode starts with Apama tells Helena about what she saw between Chandra and Vishaka. Apama says that Chandra has started taking an interest in Vishaka and Vishaka will soon replace Nandini. Apama says that Chandra was just pretending to get close to Vishaka in front of Nandini. 

Apama tells her secret plan to Helena which is muted. Apama tells Helena to keep Moora on her side and make her agree for the plan. Chandra carries Vishaka and takes her in the bath area and Vishaka tells Chandra to put the paste on her as she is in deep pain. Chandra puts the paste on Vishaka and Nandini looks on being hurt and jealous. Vishaka puts her arms around Chandra and brings him closer to her. Vishaka thinks she will put her poison in Chandra’s body. 

Nandini thinks she has to stop this drama. Nandini calls the maid and tells her to do something. The maid comes there and tells Vishaka that she will help her to take a bath and Chandra moves away. Chandra thinks that why is he trying to make Nandini jealous and he goes away from there. Nandini sees a snake tattoo on Vishaka’s leg. Helena tells Moora that she cannot be a good wife and good mother and therefore Chandra should marry Vishaka. 

Helena says that Vishaka is perfect for Chandra. Moora wonders whether Chandra will be ready to marry Vishaka. Helena tells Moora that she has to convince Chandra to marry Vishaka. Helena says that Vishaka and Chandra’s marriage will help them to remove Nandini. Moora tells Helena that she is right and she will talk to Chandra. Nandini meets Chandra and asks him why he is trying to get close to Vishaka. Nandini tells Chandra that he has two wives already. Chandra caresses Nandini’s face and Nandini moves away from there. Chandra sees Nandini’s wound and caresses her arm. Chandra holds Nandini’s waist and asks would she be jealous if he held someone else. Chandra comes close to Nandini and is about to kiss her but pushes her away and tells Nandini that she should stop having any right on him. Chandra tells Nandini that he and Bindusar no longer need her in any way. Chandra tells Nandini to take his permission henceforth before coming to his room. Gautami is at the temple with the real princess and tells her that she has called Chanakya there to talk to him. Chanakya comes in disguise of a beggar and asks Gautami why she has called him here. Gautami says that Nand has made her and the princess as captives. Gautami reveals that Nand has sent another woman in her place to Chandra’s palace to kill him. Chanakya tells Gautami to meet Nandini somehow and tell her about Nand’s plan. Chandra notices that Magusthinus is not to be seen and find out that he has gone outdoors for official work. Chandra also notices another minster missing since many days and wonders where he is. Nandini reaches the library room to investigate. Nandini thinks to find out the significance of the tattoo sign she saw on Vishaka’s leg. Nandini suddenly stumbles upon the body of the dead minister. The doctor checks the minister and says that it seems that he has been bitten by a snake. Nandini thinks about the doctor’s words and her own wound which she got on her arm after Vishak’s medicine fell on it.


Nandini tells Chandra that she does not want Bindusar’s father to die and will protect him. Gautami tells about Vishaka coming in the palace in place of the real princess. Helena asks Nandini to prepare for Chandra and Vishaka’s haldi function.


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