Chandra Nandini 17 February 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 17th February 2017 WU

Chandra Nandini 17th February 2017 episode starts with Chandra says stop the cart, and gets down and sees a tree and remembers his childhood memories, Nandini asks what is with this,Chandra puts hand over her shoulder and shares his childhood memories with her,and says I have shared all these stories with durdhara,Nandini says and now why are you sharing them with me,Chandra thinks I wish I could tell you why I feel like,two villagers come and greet hello Maharaj Chandragupta ,Chandra rushes to them and hugs them and says these are my childhood friends and come with me I will give you work in Magadh,and is very happy to see his friends.

Durdhara says why did ma ask me to go to this evil cat Helena,she is so evil,who always wants to attack oh god please save me,and says sister Helena see I got you gifts which ma has sent for you and sees no one is in room and sees helinas clothes and while trying it imagines,herself as Helena and Helena rushing to her as scared Durdhara and says Patrani Durdhara how shall is help you, Durdhara says Helena useless I will eat you, Helina walks in and says Durdhara what all is this and why are you in my clothes, Durdhara says sorry I was just checking how good are they and throws it to Helena and rushes.

Chandra with Chanakya and Bhadrasal is being hit and asked where is Padmanand, he doesn’t answer and says Chandragupta you can never get Maharaj Padmanand,Chandra hits him, Chanakya says Chandra stop he is very injured he may die,Chandra says acharya nand should die he is evil, I see my families pain when I think of him being alive, Chanakya says don’t loose clam we have one way to find about Nand. Amartya says Padmanand maharaj, Chanakya has no weakness but we found his family near magad and he has a daughter too, padmanand says good a daughter is fathers greatest weakness kidnap Chanakya’s daughter.

Chanakya says Chandra, Nandini will help us ,she will surely come meet bhadrasal and through her we shall get all information we want. Roopa thinking about Chandra and her closeness during the Pooja trip,Helina says why didn’t you do our work, Roopa says I’m not your slave, Helena tries to slap her, Roopa says dare you do that again, Helina says I asked you to create differences between Nandini and Chandra but you got them close, Roopa says yes I did,if Chandra hates Nandini what will I do cook rotis in mahal after killing Nandini, Helina gets angry and says that is not what you were asked to do, Sunanda says enough you two ,our mission is one to get Nandini out of here and we should plan for the same stop fighting now.

Nandini sees a lizard on her hand and starts shouting,Chandra walks In and Nandini says please save,Chandra sees lizard and starts running too,both rush here and there to get rid of lizard and jump on bed,Nandini says you are maharaj can’t you get rid if a lizard,Chandra says I’m scared of lizard too,both hug eachother,Nandini hugs him tight and asks did it go,Chandra hugs her too and smiles and says no it didn’t just be here,Nandini opens her eyes and asks where is it,Chandra says you looked so funny I couldn’t resist, dadi walks in and Nandini and Chandra get scared and fall down, dadi turns around and says I didn’t see anything.

Nandini says no dadi nothing of what you thinking,my hair got stuck and so, dadi says Chandra be careful don’t wear things that may bother Nandini anyways acharya is waiting for all of us down do come,Chandra says ok and dadi leaves.

Chaya asks maliketu why are there two singhasans, Nandini is called upon as mukhyamaharani, Helina gets angry and thinks first Nandini snatched Maliektu now my crown,Helina mother says don’t think of leaving this will upset Chandra and that’s not good for us,Chanakya says maharani Nandini from today you will be seated next to maharaj,dadi says Nandini magad people have selected you and so you deserve it go take your seat,Nandini thinks I use to be here seating with my pita maharaj, I so miss him, Chanakya says here are mukhiya rani rules to be followed,maharaj will now have to take maharani nandinis permission before taking any step even if it’s about new marriage, no one will force maharani or even maharani on her wish can leave the mahal,if in case maharani wish to leave she needs maharaj or Amartay’s permission,if maharani is given punishment maharaj too shall face it and from today onwards maharani will have rights over Royal stamp.

Mora says Dadi now Nandini and Chandra will never separate and even in punishment they will be together,dadi says I knew all about this,experience matters mora,see how it’s working, Moora says true,but about new marriage,Nandini is so innocent she will say willing yes to Chandra new marriage, Dadi says I have seen lot of love for Chandra in nandinis eyes and she will never say yes.

Chandra says Nandini I will never take permission from you at least for marriage,Nandini says ok then go tell acharya he made rules,Chandra says I’m king I can marry as many times as I want, Nandini says why ,you already have 3 wives,Chandra says my wish I want 10 or 100 more ,Nandini says but I’m ruling queen you need permission or else take my crown I don’t want this ,and what I have done to you have I tortured you, Chandra says yes this is my question why didn’t you ever do this to me.

Precap : Roopa with Chandra singing song,and later says it’s too late lets go to bed,Roopa sees Chandra is asleep and leaves,Chandra wakes up and says this is what makes me think so fishy about you.

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