Chandra Nandini 20 October 2017 Written Update, Written Episode

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Chandra Nandini Written Update

Nandini thinks that there is some conspiracy. Nandini thinks that the enemies can reach Chandra if they can attack Chanakya and Dharma. Nandini goes to meet Chanakya but finds out that he has left for some work in the middle of the night.

Mohini sees Nandini and thinks that she cannot do anything now. Helena sees Chandra and asks him why he is drunk and if he has any problem. Chandra is possessed by Bheemdev’s soul. Chandra scolds Helena and asks her to leave him alone. Chandra slaps Helena. Helena thinks that Chandra has not done right by slapping her. Moora tells Bheemdev that he has to carry Dharma to the temple. Bindusar asks her why this has to be done and Moora says that it is their family ritual.

Dharma comes out of the palanquin and both Dharma and Bindusar take blessing from Moora. Bindusar looks up at the steep steps of the temple and carries Dharam in his arms being annoyed. Dharma teases Bindusar asking her whether he is enjoying himself. Bindusar tells Dharam that he will take her on top and will throw her down. Bindusar stumbles and he and Dharam fall off the stairs. Bindusar and Dharam closely hug each other. The spy maid tells Charumati that Bindusar carried Dharam in his arms and went up the temple.

Charumati is angry. Nandini comes to meet Helena and tells her that he can tell only her about this. Nandini says that Chandra never behaved badly with her but since the past few days Chandra has been acting very differently. Nandini says that Chandra does not remember his behavior later. Helena thinks about the slap. Helena tells Nandini that Chandra slapped her when she went to meet him. Nandini is shocked. Helena says that they have to be careful as Chandra’s mental state is not stable. Nandini is happy after talking to Helena.  Nandini leaves and Helena thinks that this is the best time to make exit the throne and make Bindusar the next king. Chandra is sleeping and Nandini smells alcohol on him. Chandra says in his sleep that he loves Nandini a lot. Nandini thinks that she cannot be with Chandra because of his wired behavior. Nandini thinks it is her duty to help Chandra, Bindusar and Dharma do the Pooja. Bindusar asks Dharma to pray that he never has to spend time with her again. Bindusar ask priest for short-cut to the temple. Priest tells Bindusar not to go back to the palace at night as a storm can come. Bindusar is angry as he has to spend night in temple with Dharam. Dharam wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a snake near Bindusar. Dharma shoos away the snake and falls over Bindusar. Bindusar sees the snake going away. Bindusar tries to thank Dharam but Dharam says that he saved her life earlier and today she saved his. Helena comes to meet Bindusar but Charumati says she is not there and he is with Dharma. Helena asks her to shut up as she will become chief queen soon.  Charumati says that she only wants Bindusar. Saunand’s men tell him that his goons have been killed. Saunand gets furious. A spy tells Chanakya that Saunand has sent more men to Magadh. Chanakya gives a letter the his man and ask him to deliver it to Chandra. Amatya tells Saunand to calm down and they will attack Chandra soon.


Mohini tells Chandra she wants the crown. Chandra takes the crown form Helena’s head and makes Mohini wear it. Helena tells Bindusar to get out of jail and join the Greek army and attack Chandra.

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