Chandra Nandini 25 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 25th January 2017 WU

Chandra Nandini serial episode (25.01.2017) starts with Nandini’s look alike Roopa is taking bath when Chandra passes by her. She calls him and tells him that she was waiting for him only and asks him to come closer.

Chandra thinks that Nandini is again drunk and talking nonsense. She says that i want to put uttan on my body and the dasi’s do not know how to put it. Chandra goes and applies Uttan on her back. Roopa talks to seductively with Chandra.

Helena’s mother is happy that she had called Malay to spend time with Roopa (Nandini look alike) in the bath area so as to create misunderstandings between Nandini and Chandra. But now that Chandra is here, she hopes that Roopa takes Malays name while Chandra is applying her Utaan. Roopa tells Chandra i wanted to tell you for a long time that i love you. Chandra is happy that Nandini has forgotten Malay and wants to move on with him. But Roopa says Malay i love you. Chandra is shocked.

He gets furious and leaves while Helena’s mother is happy that her planned has worked. She tells Roopa that she has unknowingly created misunderstandings between Chandra and Nandini as it was not Malay but Chandra who applied Utaan to her.

Malay comes to Chandra and tells him that Nanidni sent him a letter to come to bath area and spend time with her. He creates drama that if Chaya will find out this letter and will get shattered.

Chandra calls Nandini in his room and undresses himself. She applies uttan on his back and thinks again something is gone wrong with Chandra. Rajat wants to hurt her and calls Helena also to apply uttan on him. Nandini is jealous to see Helena getting closer to Chandra while taking bath. Helena also enjoys making Nandini jealous. Nandini gets hurt as she holds the a plate very hard and leave crying. Chandra sees her hurt and leaves Helena midway. Helena gets upset but also happy as her plan is working.

Daddi calls Chandra and Nandini to make a painting (picture) of them together so when she is gone, she can take it with her. Chandra holds Nandini’s hands and takes her closer to him and aks Dadi if he can pose like this for potrait. Dadi says that he is become very naughty.

Helena tells her mother that she is happy to see differences between Chandra and Nandini. Her mother says that she hasn’t won yet and she is not understanding the storm that lies ahead in front.

Nandini and Chandra are posing for the painting and think about each others betrayal. The painter finishes their sketch and Dadi gifts him for the potrait.

Dadi says that till the time i am here you can keep the potrait in your room and i will take it when i am gone.

Later, Chandra applies medicine on Nandini’s injury. Chandra talks about tears in her eyes which is reflected in the painting too. Chandra questions her if she has tears for his and Helena’s closeness during bath time or Malay didn’t come and specd time with her during her bath time. Nandini says how dare he. He reads out the letter Malay had given him. She says to stop reading.


Roopa plans to ruin the gift Nandini gives Chandra’s mother Moora.

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