Chandra Nandini latest news – Nandini jailed, Chanakya to save her

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In the upcoming episodes of Chandra Nandini serial on Star Plus, it will be seen that Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) will be accused for killing Durdhara.

As a part of Helena and her mother’s evil plan, Durdhara will be poisoned and would die. Further, Helena’s mother would frame Nandini for killing Durdhara.

Chandra and Nandini who had confessed their love for each other would once again go through a rough time with Helen’a mother evil plan.

Helena would bring Chandra and Nandini to palace, where they would find out about Durdhara’s critical state. Durdhara will give birth to Chandra’s son but unfortunately she will not survive. Nandini will be accused of poisoning Durdhara and this time. Chandra would be shattered with the death of his good friend and wife Durdhara will not support Nandini and would order to prison Nandini.

However, Chanakya who is already doubtful of Helena’s mother evil intentions would come to Nandini’s rescue.

Chanakya will get to know that Nandini is being framed wrongly and the real culprit for Durdhara’s death is someone else. Chanakya has never liked Nandini but he will turn out to be her savior by proving her innocence.
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