Chandra Nandini upcoming – Nandini finds about Vishaka’s plan to poison Bindusar

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini we have seen that Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) puts her own life at risk in order to save Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and gets badly injured.

A soldier sent by Nand gets into the palace to attack Chandra but Nandini faces him and fights with him bravely. However, the soldier harms Nandini badly and then proceeds to attack Chandra.

Nandini warns Vishaka about the soldier and Vishaka saves Chandra by stabbing the soldier before he can kill Chandra. Later, Chandra feels bad seeing Nandini being badly injured in the attack. He wonders once again if Nandini truly cares for him or it is all her game plan. He feels hurt seeing Nandini in so much pain and once again he is forced to believe that Nandini may be innocent and is wrongly being trapped by someone else.  

However, Vishaka will manage to take away all the attention form Nandini as she will now become the new caretaker of Bindusar. Nandini will be sad seeing Vishaka getting close to both Chandra and Bindusar and taking her place.

Further, Vishaka who has come with  a evil intention to destroy Chandra will come up with a plan to kill Bindusar. Nandini will find out about Vishaka’s plan.

How will Nandini save Bindusar and Chandra from Vishaka? Keep reading this space for latest news and gossips of Chandra Nandini.


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