Chandra Nandini Written Episode 02 May 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 02nd May 2017, Chandra Nandini 02.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 02 May 2017 episode starts with Nandini puts Bindusar to sleep but Chandra walks in and drops something so Nandini scolds him. Chandra tries to take Bindusar in his arms but Nandini scolds him and tells him Bindusar is sleeping. Chandra and Nandini start their cute nok jhok again. 

Chandra tells Nandini she is not Bindusar’s mother. Nandini feels sad but tells Chandra that she is Bindusar’s second mother and cares for him like his mother. Nandini says she has not killed Durdhara and Chandra tells Nandini to gather proof to prove her innocence. Chandra suddenly has pain in his back and asks a maid to get medicine. Nandini tries to solve Chandra’s pain but he asks her to stay away. Nandini hits Chandra’s arm and removes his pain. A man meets Chanakya in the forest and tells him that Nand wants to befriend him against Chandra.

Chanakya tells the man that his main aim is to dethrone Chandra as he is a betrayer. The man gets happy and tells Chanakya that he will pick him up from the same spot the next day. Chanakya thinks that Nand will get trapped now. Chandra thinks about all the times that Nandini had saved his and Bindusar’s life. Chandra thinks whether Nandini is innocent or not. Chandra thinks to find the letter which Durdhara had written. Chandra walks towards Durdhara’s room but gets emotional when he thinks about the happy moments that he had spent with Durdhara and Nandini.

Chandra searches Durdhara’s room and just then Helena walks in. Chandra tells Helena that he wants to find Durdhara’s letter to know whether she had mentioned Nandini as he killer or did she mention anyone else’s name. Helena gets tensed hearing this. Helena asks Chandra why he is still trusting Nandini. Chandra finds the letter and is shocked to see Nandini’s name mentioned in it. Helena is relived and tells Chandra to accept Nandini as the culprit. Helena confronts Apama and asks her how Nandini’s name got added in the letter. Apama removes the original letter hidden under a statue. Apama tells Helena about how she had searched Durdhara’s letter after her death and had stolen it. Apama says she can copy handwriting and she wrote another letter in its place. Nandini is playing with Bindusar and suddenly she hears him calling her maa. Nandini gets overwhelmed and is very happy. Chanakya meets the ma n in the jungle and the man puts blindfold on his eyes before taking him to Nand. Chanakya drops peanuts on his way as he goes to meet Nand. Chandra listens to a husband and wife’s fight in his courtroom. Chandra takes advice of Magusthinus in the case. Nandini tries to give her suggestion but Chandra gets angry and tells Nandini not to intrude in the proceedings of the court. Chandra gives Nandini a warning to go away from there.

Precap: Nandini wears a false mustache and acts in front of Bindusar to be Chandra. Chandra sees her.

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