Chandra Nandini Written Episode 03 March 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 03rd March 2017 Chandra Nandini 03.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini serial episode starts with Chandra and Roopa’s wedding starts off. Chandra thinks that he hopes Nandini has taken Roopa’s place. Chandra thinks he can never marry Roopa. The bride comes in and Chandra is unsure whether she is Nandini or Roopa. Chandra looks at the bride with a lot of doubt not knowing her identity.

The wedding rituals start. Chandra suddenly gets tensed and thinks he cannot marry any other woman. The priest asks Chandra to join hands with the bride. Chandra suddenly stands and says he cannot do this marriage. Dadi asks Chandra not to stop the wedding at this stage. Nandini stands and handles the situation and gives clues to Chandra that she is indeed Nandini. Chandra gets satisfied and completes the rest of the rituals of the wedding. Helena does the gadhbandhan for Nandini and Chandra.
Chandra and Nandini take the wedding rounds. Chandra and Nandini think about their previous marriage where they had so much hatred for each other. However, this time they think lovingly about each other. Chandra puts Sindoor on Nandini’s forehead and puts mangalsutra. Chandra and Nandini take blessings of elders. Chandra and Nandini think that they have finally got married as lovers. Nandini sits in the room with a veil. Chandra comes there and wonders whether Nandini is sitting in the veil or Roopa.

Chandra takes off the veil and looks at Nandini with doubt. Chandra asks her whether she is Nandini and Nandini says that obviously she is. Chandra asks Nandini how she took Roopa’s place in the wedding. Nandini recalls that she suddenly appeared in front of Roopa before the wedding and told her that she is Nandini’s ghost. Nandini tells Roopa that she will take revenge from her. Roopa faints and Nandini puts her on bed. Nandini makes Roopa smell a herb which will keep her sleeping for 2 days. Flashback ends. Chandra praises Nandini for her plan. Suddenly Roopa enters the room and Nandini hides behind the wall. Roopa asks Chandra whether their marriage took place. Chandra says that they got married in front of everyone and asks whether she has forgotten everything. Roopa thinks she cannot remember anything as she woke up in her room. Chandra purposely hugs Roopa to make Nandini jealous who is looking from behind the wall. Nandini goes away from there. Chandra tries to come out of his embrace with Roopa saying they will do their suhaagraat some other day. Durdhara comes there with milk for Chandra. Durdhara leaves and Roopa tries to get intimate with Chandra. Chandra escapes and adds some medicine in the milk and asks Roop to drink it. Roopa quickly drinks the milk but suddenly falls unconscious.


Chandra goes to Nanidni’s room saying it is their wedding night and they should be together. Nandini ask Chandra to keep a distance. Nandini purposely sleeps on Chandra’s arms.



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