Chandra Nandini Written Episode 04 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 04th April 2017 Chandra Nandini 04.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 04 April 2017 episode starts with Chanakya says Nandini is the culprit. Nandini tells Chandra that a servant had come to call her. Chandra says he wants to meet the servant. Nandini is shocked to see that the servant has been killed. Helena finds knife near that servant’s body which Chandra had gifted to Nandini.

Helena blames Nandini of killing Durdhara and also her servant. The doctor comes there and says that the baby is still alive in Durdhara’s womb. Chandra and Chanakya reach Durdhara. Chanakya finds a letter written by Durdhara which blames Chandra’s wife for trying to kill her. Nandini pleads that she is innocent. Chandra asks the soldiers to arrest Nandini.  Chanakya tells Chandra that the baby can still be saved but they will have to open up Durdhara’s stomach. Chandra is not ready for it.
Dadi says that Chandra is not able to take a right decision and they should get Durdhara’s baby. Chandra cries bitterly while Helena thinks that both Durdhara and Nandini have been removed from her way. The baby is born and Chanakya tells Moora that the baby too has been affected by the poison. Later, Chandra cries thinking about Durdhara. Chanakya comes along with Chandra’s baby and asks Chandra to control himself. Chandra cries bitterly and says he has lost his dearest friend.

Chanakya says that the people want justice for the death of Durdhara and they should punish the culprit. Chandra says he cannot punish Nandini. Chanakya asks Chandra to look at his baby and the poison in his veins. Chanakya taunts Chandra that he has become weak after falling in love. Chanakya sarcastically asks Chandra to go away with Nandini and leave his son behind. Chandra holds his baby in his arms lovingly. Nandini knows that Chandra will know she is innocent when he meets her. Nandini asks the servant to make her meet Chandra but servant says Chandra does not want to meet her. Dadi cannot believe Nandini has done such a thing. Moora says that Nandini proved to be Nand’s daughter and has betrayed them. Helena comes to meet Chandra and instigates him that he should punish Nandini for the sake of Durdhara and his son. Chandra is left confused. In the courtroom, Nandini arrives with chains around her body. Chandra says that he has to do justice. Chandra says all evidence is against her and therefore Nandini will have to leave all of them and get out of the palace forever. Nandini thinks that if Chandra looks in her eyes he will know the truth. However, Chandra leaves from there. Later, Chandra comes in Nandini’s room looking for Nandini but the servant says that Nandini has already left the palace. Chandra helplessly screams Nandini’s name. Chandra addresses the people of Magadh. Chandra shows his son to the people and says that he is the successor of the throne and his name is Bindusar. People cheer for Bindusar. Chandra says that his only aim is to protect his son Bindusar.

Precap: Chandra rushes to his son who is crying. Nandini is in a desolated place and takes care of her child.

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