Chandra Nandini Written Episode 04 May 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 04th May 2017, Chandra Nandini 04.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 04 May 2017 episode starts with Nandini walks away but Bindusar catches hold of her dupatta and Nandini looks on emotionally. Vishaka takes a bath in the hamam lustily. Chandra passes by a looks at Vishaka’s stunning beauty. Vishaka catches Chandra looking at her and is tensed.

Chandra thinks to go away. Nandini comes there and offers to put bathing paste on Vishaka’s back and arms. Nandini tells Vishaka not to feel lonely and Chandra will help her to seek her revenge. Vishaka tells Nandini that she is happy to get her as a friend. Helena walks in and asks Vishaka not to befriend Nandini as she is Nand’s daughter. Nandini says that she has broken all ties with Nand. Helen also accuses Nandini of killing Durdhara. Vishaka tells Helena that situations change for everyone as her own father Selucus too had attacked Chandra n now she is Chandra’s wife.

Helena gets angry and asks Vishaka to remain as a guest and nothing more. After Helena leaves, Vishaka tells Nandini that she can recognize a person’s truth easily. Chanakya meets Chandra and tells him that he has left peelings of peanuts on the path which will show him the way to Nand’s hide-out. At night Chandra follows the trail of the peanut peelings along with some soldiers to reach Nand. Bindusar cries a lot and Nandini too gets very worried. The doctor checks Bindusar and says that he has no problems but does not understand why he is crying.

Vishaka comes there and offers to help take scare of Bindusar. Vishaka tries to play with Bindusar and pacify him and finally Bindusar becomes calm. Moora thanks Vishaka and Vishaka says it was her duty. Chandra reaches the hide out place of Nand but gets shocked to find that all tents are empty and Nand and his team are missing. Later, Chandra meets Chanakya and tells him that no one was present in the location he had told him about. On the other side, Nand and his team are seen relocating in a new place as Amatya has started to have a doubt on Chanakya as he left behind peanut peelings. Nand realizes that Chanakya is trying to trap them. Amatya says that it could be someone other than Chanakya too. Chanakya tells Chandra that Nand must have come to know about their planning. Malay Ketu tells Nand that Chanakya is betraying them for sure. Nand says that they will test Chanakya before taking him on their side. Nandini and Vishaka play with Bindusar. Nandini walks out to get milk for Bindusar and Chandra walks in while Vishaka is playing with Bindusar. Chandra does not see Vishaka and suddenly gets pain in his back again and asks Nandini to cure him. Vishaka is confused and walks to Chandra and starts massaging his back. Nandini walks in and Vishaka freezes while massaging Chandra. Chandra is shocked to see Vishaka in Nandini’s place and starts explain to Nandini about the situation. Chandra finds that his pain has gone and praises Vishaka saying that her hand has magic. Nandini too agrees and says that Vishaka helped Bindusar to become calm when he was crying. Chandra tells Vishaka that he is ready to give her any gift. Vishaka says that he has given her shelter and that is more than enough for her. Vishaka walks away and Chandra says that she is a nice girl.

Nandini is seen following someone at night. Chandra questions Nandini where was she last night when the soldier had died. Nandini thinks she cannot tell Chandra.

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