Chandra Nandini Written Episode 05 May 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 05th May 2017 Written Update, Chandra  Nandini 05.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 05 May 2017 episode starts with Helena finds her mother taking coins and leaving in the middle of the night. Helena demands to know her plan and Apama tells her that Sunanda is threatening her and she is going to tell Chandra everything. Helena starts worrying and Apama says she will handle the situation.

Apama leaves wearing a veil. Nandini falls asleep in Chandra’s room and when she wakes up she sees someone passing in a veil. Nandini thinks to follow the person and she too wears a veil and follows Apama. Nandini gets lost in the dark and finally she sees a person in a veil but it turns out to be Chanakya. Nandini asks Chanakya what he is doing here. Chanakya warns Nandini that Nand has sent someone in the palace to kill Chandra.

Chanakya asks if someone new has come to the palace and Nandini says Vishaka. Chanakya asks Nandini to keep an eye on everyone. Apama meets Sunanda and Sunanda continues to blackmail her and demands more money. Sunanda says she has some good news for her. Sunanda says the news will ruin Chandra and Nandin’s lives. Sunanda says that Gautami has a child and Nandini knows about this. Gautami is in Nand’s captivity and her child is with Nand. Apama thanks her for giving her such important information.

Nandini returns to the palace and sees Vishaka taking care of Bindusar. Chandra demands to know where she went in the middle of the night and Nandini says that she went off to sleep. Chandra sees mud on Nandini’s shoes and realizes she is lying. Chandra is in the courtroom discussing welfare of people. Magasthunus says he has some important information about Vishaka. He says that Vishaka is saying the truth that Nand and Malay attacked Vishaka’s kingdom and killed her parents. Magasthunus says that all small kingdoms are scared of Nand and they should use them to get to Nand. Maid informs that a soldier has been found dead.

Chandra asks to investigate who has killed the soldier. Magasthunus says that the attacker is someone from inside the palace. Moora and Dadi feel that no insider can do this. Chandra recalls Nandini moving out at night. Chandra grabs Nandini’s hand and takes her away. Later, Helena asks Apama whether she has killed the soldier and Apama says she has not done it. Apama tells Helena about Gautami having a baby and also tells her that Nandini knows about it. Helen says she already knows about this. Apama gets angry with Helena for not sharing this big news with her earlier. Apama says she will use this against Nandini. Chandra takes Nandini in the room and asks her why she has retuned and what is her plan. Chandra asks Nandini whether she wants to kill him or Bindusar. Chandra asks Nandini what she was doing when the soldier was killed. Nandini recalls her conversation with Chanakya and thinks that she cannot tell Chandra the truth. Nandini lies that she had gone to get a special herb for Bindusar in the night. Chandra tells Nandini that he is keeping a close watch on her and will not let her win. Nandini wonders who has killed the soldier.


Nandini doubts Vishaka and tells Chandra to keep Bindusar away from Vishaka. Vishaka is sees joining tongues with a snake.


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