Chandra Nandini Written Episode 08 August 2017, Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 08th August 2017 Written Update, Chandra Nandini 08 August 2017 Episode Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 08.08.2017 episode starts with a narration that Bindusar lets Nandini fall off from the cliff and die. However, Chandra is still waiting for Nandini to return. The mad man tells Chandra not to keep waiting and leave as his destiny is calling him.

Nandini is seen in her new house and remembers Bindusar’s name but does not know how she knows him. The man tells her that Bindusar is going to be the new king. Nandini wonders why her husband has not come to search for her yet despite of so many years and the man assures her that he will come soon. The mad man assures Chandra that his past will return to him. Adonis is angry as Helena is getting Bindusar married and not him.

Helena tells Adonis that he is not ready yet but Adonis is angry. Dharma plays with her friend in the waterfall. Adonis reaches there on a horseback and sees Dharma and her friend and asks his soldiers to kidnap them. Dharma starts to beat up the soldiers and Adonis kidnaps Dharma’s friends and takes her away. The solider tells Dharma that they are from Magadh. Dharma reaches the palace to rescue her friend but she is not allowed inside. Dharma joins a group of women entering the palace and manages to get inside and is determined to save her friend.

Nandini worries for Dharma as she has still not retuned. A man comes to Nandini’s house and tells her that Dharma and her friend have been kidnapped by the prince of Magadh. Nandini says that she will go to Magadh and get back her daughter but she does not know where is Magadh. The man says that he will show her the way. Helena scolds Chandra for not being there with Bindusar on his engagement and only devoting his time for Nandini. Chandra tells her that she will not understand his condition as she has never been in love. Nandini enters Magadh and Chandra starts getting a feeling that Nandini is close by. Nandini asks for directions to reach the palace. Nandini has flashes of her past memory and starts feelings restless. Nandini asks a man to give her water and says that she is from another village. The man says that she will not be allowed in the palace as she is a not a Magadh citizen and she will not be spared if Queen Helena comes to know about her. The man recognizes Nandini and remembers that she is Chandra’s queen. He thinks of informing Chandra about it. Dharam is hiding in the palace and Bindusar sees her thinking she is an enemy. Dharma saves herself form being caught and Bindusar keeps looking for her. Dharma’s father remembers that an astrologer had told him that Dharma would go to Magadh after growing up and she will be the mother of the future king of Magadh and her other son will be an ascetic. Dharma’s father thinks that Dharma has gone to Magadh because of her destiny. The maid tells Chandra that someone has come to meet him and he knows about Nandini’s location. Chandra is shocked and asks her to bring the man to him immediately. The man meets Chandra and tells him that he saw Nandini today in the market. Chandra gives a reward to the man. Chandra reaches the marketplace searching for Nandini. Nandini keeps remembering Bindusar’s name and gets restless and Chandra in not able to find her. Chandra says that his belief has come true and he is coming to take Nandini. Chandra finally sees Nandini and they look at each other emotionally.

Chandra Nandini 09 August 2017 Precap:

Nandini enters the palace and starts remembering her past. Bindusar sees Nandini and gets furious.



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