Chandra Nandini Written Episode 11 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 11th April 2017 Chandra Nandini 11.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 11 April 2017 episode starts with Chandra prays in the temple and Nandini enters from behind and she too prays. Nandini comes ahead of Chandra and puts milk on the Shiv ling. The priest asks Chandra to put Sindoor on Helena’s forehead. The Sindoor falls on Nandini’s forehead and Nandini is shocked to see Chandra there.

Nandi slips away before Chandra can see her. Nand’s men are searching for Chandra and Bindusar. The men conspire to kidnap Bindusar. The man tells to spread the news that Chandragupta is here to create chaos. The man announces Chandra’s presence in the temple and a big chaos starts. The kidnappers take advantage of the situation and snatch Bindusar from Helena’s hand. Nandini sees the men taking away Bindusar and she attacks the man with the trishul and takes away the baby.
Nandini hugs Bindusar lovingly. Chandra comes there and takes Bindusar from Nandini’s hand. Nandini covers her face. Chandra tells Nandini that she will be punished for trying to kidnap Bindusar. A woman says that Nandini saved the child from kidnappers. Chandra thanks Nandini and also promises to give her a reward. Chandra asks her name and Nandini lies that her names is Chandrika. Chandra gives Nandini a bag full of gold coins but Nandini does not take it and goes away.

Later, Chandra and Helena are in the palace and Chandra scolds Helena for not being able to take care of Bindusar. Chandra says that a common girl like Chandrika saved her son but she could not save him. Chandra says that it is good that he never gave her a child. Nandini is tensed as Chandra is back with Bindusar and she tells Bhabhi that she cannot stay there any longer. Nandini tells Bhabhi that she has to protect her baby as it is the last sign of Nand family. Bhabhi begs Nandini not to leave as she and her son cannot live without her. Nandini is called in the palace to tutor the princess. Chandra sees the princess studying and asks her who has taught her this and the princess says that Acharya Chandrika has taught it to her. Nandini comes there and she hides her face from Chandra. Chandra recognizes her as the lady who saved Bindusar from kidnapers. The maid comes there and tells Chandra that Bindusar is crying a lot because of his stomach pain. Nandini worries for Bindusar. Doctors try hard to make Bindusar stop crying. Nandini runs towards Bindusar. Nandini comes there and tells the doctor about some medicine for Bindusar. Nandini prepares the medicine and feeds it to Bindusar. Bindusar drinks the medicine and stops crying soon. Chandra asks how did Bindusar stop crying and the queen tells Chandra that Chandrika has to be thanked for it. Nandini slips away from there but as she walks in the corridor, the king’s brother in law comes there and starts flirting with Nandini once again. Suddenly, Chandra comes from behind and stops him. The brother in law tells Chandra not to interfere in his matters. Chandra tells him that he should not misbehave with his niece’s tutor. Nandini thanks Chandra but Chandra asks her to stop.


Helena tells Bhabhi that Chandra will not spare her baby if he comes to know that Dayanand’s son is alive. Helena promises to keep her child safe if she throws out Nandini. Helena removes the veil from Nandini’s face.

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