Chandra Nandini Written Episode 15 March 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 15th March 2017 Written Update Chandra Nandini 15.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 15 March 2017 episode starts with Chandra comes to meet Nandini and she decides that she will act as though she does not care for him. Chandra tells Nandini that he wants to talk to her about love. Chandra and Nandini look at each other lovingly. Chandra says that love has happened so they will confirm the alliance.

Nandini is confused so Chandra says that he is talking about Madhav and Malti’s marriage. Nandini says she will think about it and let him know. Chandra gives Nandini tamarind as gift and she gets happy. Durdhara sees Nandini eating tamarind and think she is pregnant. Dadi makes sweet dish for all the ladies as it is Chandra’s birthday. Nandini says she does not feel like eating it. Dadi gives a bite to Nandini and she vomits it out. Everyone calls the doctor but Nandini says she does not need doctor and needs only rest. 

Durdhara tells everyone that Nandini is showing all signs of being pregnant. Dadi and Moora get excited and Durdhara says she will inform everyone. Chandra enters Helena’s room. Helena makes Chandra hold her waist and tells him that she was waiting since a long time for this night. Chandra is reluctant but he thinks that Helena is his wife and she has a right over him. Chandra too hugs Helena guiltily.  Helena thinks she will get son form Chandra and then she will rule over Magadh.

Helena makes Chandra lie on the bed and starts removing his clothes. Helena tries to get intimate with Chandra but he moves away. Chandra says that he cannot do this. Chandra says that their marriage was a compromise and now that she has got Magadh she does not need him. However, Helena says she loves him and wants him. Chandra says he does not love her and cannot consummate relation with her. Helena asks him whether he loves Nandini. Chandra says he cannot answer this question. Chandra walks away and Helena fumes. Chandra comes to meet Nandini who is unwell. Dadi comes there and tells them that she is very happy as Chandra will now become father of Durdhara’s child and Nandini’s child. Chandra and Nandini both get shocked hearing this. Nandini denies being pregnant but Dadi does not listen to her. After Dadi leaves, Chandra asks Nandini how she became pregnant and she makes it clear to him that she is not pregnant. Nandini says that her health got bad because of eating too many tamarinds. Chandra says he will handle the situation.

Durdhara comes to meet Helena and see her crying. Durdhara says that there is good news. Durdhara tells her that Nandini is pregnant and Helena cries more hearing this. Helena throws away the plate of ladoos in anger and Durdhara gets scared. Chandra comes to meet Dadi and tells her that they should get Nandini tested from a doctor as she may have indigestion. Moora agrees for this and Chandra says he will call a doctor immediately. The doctor checks Nandini and finds out she is not pregnant. Chandra acts surprised with this news while the rest are disappointed.

Moora and Dadi think Nandini will be upset by this news and Chandra says that he will handle Nandini. Chandra meets Nandini and does a drama and tells her that she is indeed pregnant. Nandini gets panicked and asks Chandra how did this happen. Chandra says that he may have got intimate with her while she was unconscious. Nandini starts crying hearing this. Chandra gets tensed and tells Nandini that he was just joking with her.


Chandra gets injured and falls in Malti’s arms and Malay Ketu sees this.


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