Chandra Nandini Written Episode 18 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 18th April 2017 Written Update Chandra Nandini 18.04.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 18 April 2017 Written Update starts with Chandra tells Helena that he supported Nandini as she was innocent and was being blamed wrongly. However, Chandra will always hate Nandini for killing Durdhara. Chandra says that Nandini has moved on and she is nothing to him anymore. Helena tries coming close to Chandra but he tells her that he can never give her place of a wife.

Helena is sure she will make Chandra fall in love with her. The fake husband leaves from Nandini’s house. Nandini cries and tells Gautami that Chandra hates her. Gautami says that Nandini still loves Chandra but Nandini says that it is not true as Chandra did not trust her and did not stand by her. Chandra is in disguise of commoner and comes to meet Chandrika’s husband. Chandra sees the man and gets shocked seeing him drinking a lot of alcohol.
Chandra sees that the man already has a wife and child. Chandra confronts the man and blames him for being a cheap man. The man says that Nandini is not his wife but Chandra walks away. Chandra thinks that he will go and tell Nandini about his husband being a cheap man. Chandra doubts that Nandini may be lying about her husband and thinks to find out the truth. Helena’s mother is having meeting with Greek soldiers and Chanakya catches her red handed.

Helena asks him how come he is here. Chanakya says that he wants to check the royal letter. Chanakya is shocked seeing the letter and tells Helena’s mother that she cannot take such decisions in Chandra’s absence. Chanakya tells Helena’s mother that he wants to take away the royal seal from her. Helena’s mother says that Helena herself has given her the royal seal and he cannot take it away. Chanakya challenges that by midnight, Helena’s mother will come by herself to return the royal seal to him. 

Chandra comes once again to meet the man and asks him to speak the truth. The man says that Chandrika is not his wife and the baby is not hers too. The man says that Chandrika gave him money to act as her husband. Bindusar cries a lot in the room and Helena asks the maids to make him silent. The Queen comes there and tells Helena that she is taking such good care of Bindusar although she is not his real mother. The King meets the doctor and asks her to treat Bindusar. The doctor says that the baby has become used to Chandrika’s touch and therefore he should call Chandrika back in the palace. Chandra thinks why Nandini played such a big drama in front of him of being married and having a child. Malay comes to meet Nand and Nand asks him whether he has been able to get teh woman who saved Bindusar. Malay says that he has failed so Nand gets angry. Malay says that the woman he is looking for is none other than his daughter in law Gautami. Amatya says that he had heard earlier that Gautami had returned to her brother’s palace after Chandra had thrown her out. Malay says that he will bring Gautami to her. A man comes to call Nandini in the middle of the night saying that the King of Kalinga is calling her for Bindusar’s sake. Gautami asks Nandini why she did not go as Bindusar needs her. Nandini is says that she does not want Bindusar to get attached to her. Nandini says that Chandra too wants her to be away from Bindusar.


Gautami asks Nandini not to go as she has no relation with Bindusar. Gautami alleges that Nandini still loves Chandra. Chandra walks into Nandini’s house.

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