Chandra Nandini Written Episode 18 January 2017 Written Update

Star Plus Chandra Nandini Written Update 18th January 2017 WU

Chandra Nandini serial episode (18.01.2017) starts with Chandra says Nandini I like you, Nandini is shocked to hear this,Chandra says I’m happy and proud to have you as my wife, Nandini about to say something Chandra stops her,Dadi ma knocks the door and says can I come in,I guess I’m here at wrong time,Chandra says no Dadi please come, Dadi says it’s important so I came here, Dasi keep it here, Nandini says these jewellery and new clothes, Dadi says its teej tomorrow and it’s first teej and Chandra what did you get for her,anyways you know on this occasion the gift you give she has to wear it so choose it wisely and I heard nothing you two speak like you two love each other and Chandra is proud to have you Nandini bye now and leaves,Chandra says Nandini I said it just because dadi was here and while leaving thinks about the night he told Nandini about loving her but she had fainted already and Nandini also thinking about telling Malayketu that she likes Chandra.

Amartya sees padmanands youngest son,and asks how are you here, few men says we found him in forest and so hot him here, Amartya thinks I shouldn’t take him to maharaj it again must be Chanakyas plan to reach maharaj through pandugan.

Dadi says tomorrow is teej and so married women should fast but Chaya and Durdhara you two shouldn’t as you are pregnant,Chaya says dadi even I wish to but Malayketu says Chaya..Dadi is right you may fast next year, Nandini stares at maliektu in anger,Chandra mistakes it and thinks she has no shame starring in front of everyone, Dadi says mora, Helena must not be knowing about teej fasting tell her about it, mora explains about fasting to Helena and dadi says says and teej nights it’s very romantic one and so Nandini and Chandra I want you and Chandra to be together, Maliketu thinks how did Nandini not tel, about yesterday’s incident to anyone is it because she has started liking me.

Nandini in her room,Chandra says Nandini these clothes and jewellery are from my behalf for teej as dadi asked me too and you can act as if you are fasting and I will make arrangements for you to eat and have water,Nandini says enough i know this is just for dadi you don’t have to remind me every time,Chandra spa Sidney shout we both are on same track and this is all for someone’s life and that to my dadi,I will do it,and you can do it as you wish, and leaves,Nandini starts crying.

Helina says ma why did Nandini come back I don’t believe it, I worked so hard to throw her out what will I do now,say something ma,or else I will lose Chandra,Sunanda walks in and says can I have a talk with you,helina walks away,Sunanda says I know you must be thinking how Nandini is back and I have a plan and I need your help for its achievement and you need to walk with me to see what it is. Ma and Sunanda hide themselves and go to the secrete room.

Sunanda closes the door, and says look who is here to see you, ma is surprised to see the girl,Sunanda says I hope you liked my plan,ma says marvellous I have solutions to all my problems.

Helina says ma I can’t fast please this is stupidity,ma says helina if you fast whole life Chandra will be behind you, Indians have stupid rituals and we have to just show Chandra that you are fasting for him to make way to his heart. Nandini changing, Chandra walks in,Nandini says can’t you knock,Chandra says I’m king and this is my room and I have no interest seeing you change and goes to bed,Nandini sits beside and starts reading books aloud,Chandra says I’m trying to sleep,Nandini says I’m reading sorry,Chandra puts of lights,Nandini says why did you do this,Chandra says my room my rules and this isn’t time to read go to bed.

Nandini slowly goes off to sleep,and Falls on Chandra, Chandra thinks Dadi had asked her to wake up early tomorrow and if she had kept reading tonight she wouldn’t have woke up tomorrow so I had to act cruel and when I know your father killed mine, why do I fall for you, when you always keep troubling me why do I get attracted to you even when I know you love Maliektu,oh god am I the same Chandragupta who thought love was week and isn’t this weakness that I’m thinking of Nandini and am awake for her.


Chandra says yes Nandini it was entertaining, your face had entertaining expressions, Nandini says yes must be very entertaining, Chandra says indeed entertainment like today you have to act as if you are fasting for love for me but you have no feelings for me.

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