Chandra Nandini Written Episode 20 January 2017 Written Update

Star Plus Chandra Nandini Written Update 20th January 2017 WU

Chandra Nandini serial episode (20.01.2017) starts with Helena says ma why didn’t you wake me up,now see Nandini is with Chandra, ma says can’t you do anything with yourself, can’t you wake up on your own, Helena says ma I tried but couldn’t and now it’s afternoon,ma says no issues fast has started now not ended, Helena says how does it matter, ma says it does matter we won’t let Nandini complete her fast.

Chandra follows Nandini and thinks why is she going to Chayas room,dasi stops him and says here is oil you asked for, Malayketu pulls Nandini in and says I know you will come to see me,Chandra says take oil to dadi ma, Malayketu says Nandini I know you are interested in me you have kept mum about all that happened, Nandini says not just interested but I love you look I’m even fasting for you and we shall celebrate
whole night,maliektu sees Chandra and says maharani please leave me, Chaya is all mine and I love only her please leave,Nandini says but Malayketu, Malayketu says no please leave, Nandini feels bad and leaves, Malayketu sees Chandra says maharani was here to wish me on teej, Chandra leaves in anger.

Nandini dressed in gifts by Chandra in his room with Arti thali in hand,Chandra walks in,he remembers the Malayketu  incident, Nandini touches his feet and says dadi asked me to take your blessing and as I’m,Chandra throws her thali and says I told you just act as fasting why play with dadi and her feelings, for a minute I thought you are really fasting for me but what a act and now I know you are fasting for whom and now I shall take part in none of its process,Nandini faints,dadi walks in and says Chandra look.

Chandra says get Vaidya quickly, Vaidya says maharani is fasting and so she fainted all is fine, Dadi says I was so scared, mora says when I use to fast for your father in law even I fainted,all laugh,dadi says I remember I was so scared then too,dasi says maharani moon is out there, Dadi says Chandra come on take Nandini along with you and let’s go on terrace,Chandra helps Nandini to terrace.

Nandini and Chandras’ ma performs the moon teej Pooja in everyone’s presence,Nandini prays in mind lord I know Chandra doesn’t love me but I wish to see him happy, Nandini looks at Chandra and performs Arti, dadi very happy, Nandini follows as Chandra ma does, Nandini touches Chandras feet,he unhappily gives her blessings as always stay happy, Dadi says now Chandra give her some water, she must be thirst she was without it since last night,Chandra gives her water and sweets, Helena not liking it and so does Malayketu.

Nandini goes to her room,Chandra walks in and claps his hand and says wow I’m impressed such good acting,but why did you really fats, Nandini says yes I fasted because I’m a wife and this is my culture,Chandra starts laughing and says oh god look at this lady, the reason surely must be love right and so I should love you back come close, Nandini says Chandra please,Chandra says see this shows the reason behind the Fast is you care me, Nandini thinks even if this is so I see hatred in Chandra eyes,and says I’m your enemy and I hate you.

Chandra says then who is this fast for or I should say how many of them are they or it’s just maliketu,Nandini says is that what you think,Chandra says after all you are nand daughter he had done the same think married your mother for magad,Nandini says enough not a word against my father,what’s difference between you and him even you have married thrice,Chandra says just stay away from my sisters husband and tell me who you love I shall arrange your wedding but stay away from Chaya,Nandini says even after all that shit you think I,Chandra says what Nandini,you must be very angry right that you had to marry the guy who killed your brothers and defeated your father.

Chandra says I feel so Ashamed of you to see you always with maliketu,Nandini says I fasted for you with all love but you,for your long life but enough of it Chandra I can’t take this hatred any more,Chandra says but I hate you and this is the truth,when I see you cat as a good daughter in law in front of my family and act as I love you, I hate you but I don’t hate you because your nand daughter and not because you love maliektu but because because, I don’t think it’s important to tell you that and leaves,wiping his tears.

Nandini says to herself,Chandra you have many reasons to hate but I weird attraction for you.

Chandra says to himself, Nandini you will never understand the feelings and the attraction that I have even when I hate you,but instead of calling it as love I would like to call it hatred.


Helena mother says Nandini,Nandini turns around and smokes on her face.

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