Chandra Nandini Written Episode 20 March 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 20th March 2017 Written Update Chandra Nandini 20.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 20 march 2017 episode starts with Maliketu tells some men to spread the news about Chandra having affair with his wife’s sister Malti to ruin his image.

He is happy with his plans and tellss that Chandra has no clue that he is behind all of situation and recalls how he tried to create Chandra and Malti’s affair story. Malayketu’s men speread rumours in the village that Chandra has misbehaved with his wife’s sister. everyone starts talking about this rumours. some beilive while some do not.

Next day morning, Chanakya is talking to Chandra. Chandra’s guard informs Chaadra that some men insist to talk to you and are upset about something.

A man says that some other guy has touched his wife in a wrong way. Chandra tells the husband that you will get justice and this man will be punished. The other guys says i am sorry to talk to you like this, but you too have done the same mistake. Everyone in the society is talking about it. You can give me death sentence about this. Chandra is furious with this accquistions. Chankaya interefers and says i will take the decision. He orders to cut the other guy’s hands. Chankaya tells Chnadra i have to talk to you in person. he says wwhat i going on your kingdom. I had warned you stay away from family issues. Your own people are not listening to you. Chandra says i am being targeted. Chankaya says all Kings are prone to evil plans and you have to come out of this situation soon, What will you do now? Chandra says i know whgat i have to do. 

Chandra goes to malti’s room. She is sitting with her back. He tocuhes her from behind. She saks Chnadra what are you doing. he says the same thing that you accused me of doing in night. Malti says stay away from me, Chandra says i will do what i have to do, she shouts, Nandini comes and says what are you doing, i didn’t think you would any thing like that when your were being accused yesterday.

Chandra says yes i have tried to touch her and i will do anything i want to. Nandini is shocked. Chandra’s brother says how can you talk about my Malti. Chandra says she is not your malti now. I am attracted to her. She is so beautiful. Chandra’s brother Madhav gets upset and attacks him. Chandra counter attcaks and tells him that stay in your limit else i will prison you.

Madhav says that he will seek revenge from Chandra for this. Durdhara tells Moora and Dadi about Chandra capturing Malti and Moora says he will talk to Chandra. Helena is angry thinking another woman has come between her and Chandra. Helena’s mother tells her to wait till Selucus comes with his army. Everyone in the palace hear people protesting against Chandra. Moora ask Chandra to handle the situation. Chandra addresses the people and says that he has fallen in love with Malti and wants to marry her and there is nothing wrong with that. Chandra says that he does not love any of his three wives but has fallen for Malti. Chandra asks people to accept his decision as he is not wrong.


Chandra makes Malti wear a garland. Nandini comes to know that Magadh is going to get attack by Selucus and Nand. Nandini goes on a horse to attack Nand all by herself and says that she is Chandra’s wife and not his daughter

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