Dastaan E Mohabbat Update: Salim then decides to return for Jodha and Anarkali sake

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Dastaan E Mohabbat Salim Anarkali.

It would be seen that Salim gets mistaken about Akbar, just because of Rukaiya’s conspiracies. Rukaiya makes sure that she draws big differences between Akbar and Salim. She wants the father-son duo to die fighting with each other, so that she gets the throne.

Rukaiya fills frustration in Salim. Salim doesn’t know that Akbar and Jodha are awaiting him anxiously and shedding tears in his memory. Salim refuses to return to the palace and kills a soldier, to prove his bravery to Akbar. He wants to give it back to Akbar in the same way. Akbar gets upset with Salim’s behavior.

Salim then decides to return for Jodha and Anarkali’s sake. Anarkali and Salim yearn to meet and get high expectations about each other. 

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