Dil Bole Oberoi 11 March 2017 Written Update DBO Written Episode

Star Plus serial Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 11th March 2017 DBO 11.03.2017 Written Update

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi 11 March 2017 episode starts with Shwetlana burns some candle. Everyone cough by the smoke. She swaps the file. Om looks around. Some time before, Shwetlana sees the file and goes to see. Om turns to her side. She gets back. She takes the file. Gauri falls aside in sleep. Shwetlana looks on. She starts leaving. Om holds her hand and gets up. Gauri wakes up. Om asks what are you doing in my room at this time. Shwetlana says what’s there to ask, I came here for you. He asks do you want me to believe this. Gauri asks what happened.

Shwetlana asks can’t you see, do we need to explain, we want some privacy. Gauri says fine, tell me from where to get privacy, how many kilos. Shwetlana says shut up, leave us alone. She holds Om close. Gauri looks on and thinks of marriage. She jokes on Shwetlana by saying a poem. Shwetlana says you are a fool, you should leave, get out. Om stops Gauri. Shwetlana asks what happened, did you get scared, whatever I will do won’t be bad. She falls down. Om and Gauri laugh.

Om asks how much more will you fall Shwetlana, you know what, its night, I think you should go and sleep. Shwetlana leaves. Om says I know it, you came here to take file. He keeps the file in cupboard. He sees Shwetlana looking from outside. He asks Gauri to shut door. Gauri shuts door.
Shwetlana goes to room and says there is something in that file, which Om does not want me to know, so he kept it in locker, I need to find out. She looks for something. She smiles and says great, it will be easier to keep an eye on Om.

Rudra asks Om to say. Om says Shwetlana came in my room at night. Rudra asks did you call me to say this, I m not interested to know what happened next, I can’t even imagine, if you called me to say you are confused between Shwetlana and Chulbul, I will ask you to go for Chulbul. Om asks are you mad. Rudra says I can’t imagine what happened.

Om asks are you done, Shwetlana came in my room yesterday night, I m sure she will do anything to get file, so I made two replicas. Rudra says I like it, why are you gathering files as if there is less tension in life. Om says I don’t want her to get the file, she should not know I m going to her college in Panchgani. Shwetlana sees them by binoculars and says oh, Om wants to mislead me by replicas, he does not know I m Shwetlana, my smartness starts where people’s smartness end. Servant drops Shwetlana’s scissor and keeps it in food trolley.

Buamaa sees Shwetlana and says the day will go bad now. Om asks Rudra to be careful, Shwetlana can do anything to get file. Rudra says don’t worry, if she is smart, I m also smart. Shwetlana greets everyone. Buamaa jokes. She asks why this cake. Shwetlana says its for you, welcome cake. Buamaa says I don’t want your cake, I don’t want to see your face. Shwetlana apologizes. She says I got the cake so that the cake’s sweetness came in our relation.

Buamaa says relations get sweet by behavior, you should have touched my feet and apologized to me. Shwetlana agrees. She goes to touch Buamaa’s feet and manages her dress. Buamaa asks how will you touch my feet by wearing such short dress. Om and Rudra smile. Buamaa jokes on Shwetlana. Shwetlana says I can still do it. Rudra says Buamaa is the mountain, Shwetlana will be coming under her. Buamaa says its okay. Gauri checks scissor and says what’s this, cake is cut by knife, I will keep this. Shwetlana asks Buamaa to cut cake. Buamaa and everyone go.

Rudra hugs the files. Shwetlana asks Rudra to come, files are not running away. Rudra says its imp files. She says I m sure its not imp than Buamaa. Buamaa asks them to come, files don’t fly. Rudra keeps the files on table. Shwetlana asks Gauri for sparkling candles. She keeps the candle. She recalls filling chemical inside the candle. She says candles’ smoke will make my work easy. FB ends. Shwetlana lights the candle. Everyone cough by the smoke. Shwetlana rushes and swaps the files. Om asks Rudra to see files. Rudra goes and gets the files. He signs Om its safe.

Om sees Shwetlana with the files. Gauri collides with Shwetlana. The files fall. Gauri says sorry and goes. Shwetlana picks files and goes. Om says Shwetlana has files. Rudra says no, I have files. They check the empty files. Rudra says it means Shwetlana has real files, what to do now. Om smiles and throws the file. Rudra asks why are you smiling, Om got mad by failing to Shwetlana. Om laughs. Rudra says look Om, we have fake files, real files is with Shwetlana.

Om says we have fake files and even Shwetlana has fake files, real documents are safe with me. Rudra says it means you fooled her, that’s cool. Om says I know her well, she will get what she wants, so I made her confused. He gets the papers from his coat and says I knew she will be keeping an eye on our every move. He recalls hearing Shwetlana’s plan to use binoculars and keep an eye on his moves. Rudra says well done, I m impressed, you got smart being with me. Om says she will get mad by failure, she will take big step in desperation.

Om waves to Shwetlana. Fake Shwetlana gets inside Om’s car dickey. She says I have learnt this in life, not to trust anyone.

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