Dil Bole Oberoi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Dil Boley Oberoi Written Update

Star Plus serial Dil Boley Oberoi 14 April 2017 Written Episode Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 14 April 2017

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi 14.04.2017 episode starts with Gauri is ready to leave Oberoi Mansion. Use Hasna Bhi Use Rona bhi hoga songs plays in background.

Kaali Thakur makes an entry. She is finding Gauri. A short flashback shows about Kaali Thakur’s survival. He is back to settle scores with Gauri and Omkara.

Real Shwetlana is secure with Omkara. She realizes her past, where her friend stabbed her and got her face. Her cruel friend then took her identity. Real Shwetlana got cheated by her best friend. The cruel lady keeps real Shwetlana in the freezer, to keep her alive. Real Shwetlana asks Omkara to save her.

Buamaa and Om are taking care of real Shwetlana in a room. Buamaa hears a lady in pain. She goes out to check. A lady is hurt at the jagran. Fake Shwetlana comes with an idea and dresses as a maid. She creates havoc so that she can find a way to put real Shwetlana back in the freezer. She makes a lady fall on the nails bed.

Gauri packs her bags and she is about to leave. She wishes to see Om for the last time before

Omkara looks around for Chulbul everywhere in the jagran. He calls her. Gauri is standing a little away from him. He phone rings, Om hears the phone ringing but doesnot notice Gauri. Gauri puts her phone on silent. Om turns a little sideways. Gauri sees Om and is happy to see him one last time. She truns to go out of Oberoi Mansion. Om keeps calling Chulbul’s phone and she looks at her phone. Om sees Gauri (the girl he liked singing) leaving.

Kaali Thakur’s man comes and tells him that they could not find Gauri. He tells him to leave. He gets upset and throws he phone saying don’t know where this chidaya is hiding.


Gauri is taking to her mother on phone in a phone booth. She comes out. Kaali Thakur’s jeep passes by her in speed and mud spills on her dress. She yells at the jeep saying can’t you guys see. She is shocked.

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